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Signs of Cheating: 4 Places You WILL Find Signs of an Affair

What if digging up signs of cheating didn’t have to be painful and time consuming? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a How-To guide you could go pick up at your local book store and just follow a simple set of instructions on how to identify the most common signs of a cheating spouse?

Trying to discover all the different possible signs of cheating is probably one of the most painful, difficult things that most people will ever have to go through…The feeling of suspicion that quickly finds it’s way into your brain is both overwhelming and depressing…It takes a strong person just to handle such a terrible feeling, much less actually act on it and start asking questions.

Signs of CheatingBecause I know that dealing with cheating is so difficult, what I’d like to do today is talk to you about a few of the most obvious things that you can look for when you’re looking for signs of infidelity. I’d like to do my best to be ‘that’ instruction manual for you…I’m going to tell you how to know if your wife is cheating on you or your husband having an affair with another woman, and I’m going to do my best to teach you ASAP!

After all, every moment you spend waiting and second-guessing what you KNOW to be true is another second that you’re GIVING your spouse to cheat on you.

3 Common Signs of Cheating:

While you’re reading through the cheating signs below, don’t feel bad AT ALL for what you’re doing. We live in a world where this kind of stuff is a necessity.

The impact of infidelity is said to be not only about sex outside the relationship, but also about trust, betrayal, lying and disloyalty. Sexual infidelity by a marriage partner is commonly called philandery, adultery, or an affair.
- Wikipedia’s Definition of Infidelity

Alright, so to catch this crime you’re going to have to be a little crafty…Here are some signs of an affair that you can look for:

Sign of Cheating #1 => The Biggest Tip-Off is Gonna be Your GUT and All Those Times You Had a Suspicion

I know that this is probably not the advice for your looking for, but just hear me out for a second…Your gut is going to know better than anything else whether or not your spouse is cheating. When you’re spouse gets home late from work or something, and they tell you where they’ve been and you get that sinking feeling in your gut…That’s when you know that you need to start looking for signs of cheating.

Guess what…If you’re here looking at this article…You’ve already seen this sign of infidelity! You already know deep down that your mate is probably committing infidelity. Did you know that 80% of people that suspect this are correct?

Yup. Sad but true.

Many times the first of many signs shes cheating (or he’s cheating) are that of your own trusty gut.

Signs of Infidelity #2 => The Second Biggest Clue is Going to be Your SEX LIFE

Sexual Signs of CheatingThere has never existed a relationship in which one of the two partners was engaging in extramarital sexual activity that didn’t have at least SOME change in the sex life. Sexual signs of cheating are almost always present. 95% of the time AT LEAST.

What’s this mean for you?

Well, it means that if at any time in the past few months you’ve noticed a change in your sex life, whether that means more or less, then you should probably consider the possibility of an affair, if you otherwise would suspect one. Keep your eyes WIDE open for sexual signs of cheating, but try not to make it too obvious what you’re doing.

Start by taking careful note of how often you and your spouse have sex. Many times simply observing significantly more or less sex is a sign of unfaithfulness, one way or another.

Cheating Signs #3 => MUTUAL FRIENDS Could Give You the Hints You Need

This is probably one of the easiest places to find signs of cheating that many people fail to make use of. If you’ve got mutual friends then all it takes is a visit with them and you should be able to detect something. This is also one of the best ways to identify signs of an affair at work. Infidelity in the work place is NOT uncommon at all, so if you’re not quite sure who to suspect, signs of an affair at work is probably a pretty good place to start.

Here’s why: If you’re husband or wife has talked with your mutual friends about the affair then they won’t be able to hide it from you for very long. You’ll be on the lookout for any indication of hidden knowledge. If they don’t know anything then you’re partner is where you’ll see some signs of infidelity. Try and bring up something about the relationship if you want to flush it out.

Well those are 3 signs of cheating that should really help you to find any red flags that you should be looking for. There are simple signs of cheating everywhere if you know where to look for them, and finding that cheating husband or cheating wife doesn’t REALLY have to be too difficult, it’s just how you choose to go about it.

Cheaper than a Private Eye:
The “How to Catch Cheating” Guide

Here’s the thing though…For many people, myself included, going through the emotional damage of having to dig up your partner’s infidelity sounds like about as much fun as swallowing a bee hive…Heck, why do you think private investigators can make such a killing?

It’s because people like you and I just don’t think that we can do it ourselves, so we turn to someone else to handle the responsibility.

Now…I didn’t have that option…At the time I was pretty much dirt poor (Before I started! Thanks guys and gals! I’m grateful that at least SOMETHING came out of being cheated on.), so there was no way I could afford a $1000+ price tag for a P.I.

Instead, I learned everything I could about cheating and how to catch an affair, and when I found out the truth I set out to create a website where people like me could get FREE help identifying the real, TRUE signs of cheating that most people exhibit during an affair.

No matter what you decide to do though, I wish you good luck with your relationship problems, and I truly hope that I’ve helped you out.

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