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Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend – 4 Signs You’re Being Cheated On

Do You Ever Wonder if
Your Boyfriend is Cheating On You
Behind Your Back?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that maybe, just maybe, your boyfriend is seeing someone else on the side?

Do you want to know the top signs of a cheating boyfriend?

As you read this article you’ll learn:

  1. How to tell when he’s lying about who he’s talking to on the phone
  2. How to use your nose like a Blood Hound to catch him
  3. Why the way he acts with you around his friends is a HUGE give away
  4. How to tell if he has any secret FaceBook/Email accounts

Plus I’ll recommend my favorite guide for getting proof of a cheating boyfriend.

Surely one of those sounds good to you, right?Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

By the time you’ve finished reading this you will have everything you need to obviously tell whether or not he has cheated on you.

However, before we get into too much detail, I want to stress one very important rule that anyone who’s suspicious of an affair should certainly follow:

Pull up a chair and hear me out:

The fastest way to confirm your suspicions is to Always Document EVERYTHING…Keep a record of any ‘gut feelings’ you have, as well as any actual evidence you dig up.

Seriously, if you want to know how to catch your boyfriend cheating, this is one of the biggest steps you need to take.

This will be the single most important thing that you learn from this article…The more information you document, the more evidence you’ll have later, and the easier it will be (ultimately) to catch him going behind your back.

That being said, I won’t waste any more of your time…Let’s get to the ‘meat and potatoes’ shall we? The actual cheating boyfriend signs that you’re here for!

As you finish reading each of the signs of a cheating boyfriend and I detail, I want you to do yourself a favor and imagine how YOUR boyfriend fits into what I’m saying.

Alternatively, If you’re serious about getting proof, then try and get a feel for how you can use each of these tips to catch him.

Is He Talking to Another Woman
Right in Front of You?

Signs Your Man is Cheating #1

Signs Your Boyfriend is CheatingDid you know that your boyfriend has probably talked to his lover while you were around? Have you ever gotten that deep ‘gut feeling’ that you’re being lied to after taking one glance at your boyfriend’s face while he’s chatting?

Believe it or not, that’s actually one of the top signs of a cheating boyfriend!

If you can imagine that your boyfriend is acting suspicious sometimes when he talks on the phone, then here’s what you should do:

STOP and Visualize what you act like when you’re speaking to someone on the phone. Particularly, imagine what you’re like when you talk on the phone around your boyfriend.

For instance, do you generally stand up and walk around while you’re talking on the phone? Maybe you really hate talking on the phone, so you’re usually really bored?

No matter how you act normally, chances are that your boyfriend can usually tell who you’re talking to just by the way that you act.

Wouldn’t you agree? Well, guess what!

The same is true for you! It’s perfectly possible to find out what you need to know about who he’s talking to, just by the way he acts.

Here are some signs that your boyfriend is talking to another woman:

  • As soon as he looks at his phone, he gets up and leaves the room
  • He doesn’t explain any odd behavior while on the phone
  • When asked who he’s talking to he responds “Oh it was nobody”
  • Your ‘Woman’s Intuition’ is going off like crazy while he’s on the phone
  • When he gets off the phone he’s obviously ‘Turned On’

Imagine the last time your boyfriend talked to someone on the phone…

Did you know who he was talking to?

How did he act; was he bored?

Did he get up and pace around, or sit down to talk?

Did he go into another room to take the call, or stay with you?

Also take some time to imagine the way your boyfriend talks to you when you call him. Can you imagine what he acts like when he’s talking to you on the phone? Believe it or not, he probably talks to you similar to how he talks when he’s seeing someone else.

Depending on your answers to these questions, your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

If he is cheating, then you’re virtually guaranteed that your boyfriend has talked to his lover around you, without you even realizing it!

3 Simple Ways
You Can Use Your Boyfriend’s Smell
To Incriminate Him

Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating #2

Did you know that a human’s sense of smell is the most powerful of all 5 senses? Catch Your Boyfriend CheatingDid you also know that the sense of smell is the most under utilized of all 5 senses?

What does this mean for you?

I’ll tell you, but first I want you to think about something for me:

Is there any reason that your boyfriend should ever smell like someone else? What situations can you think of where your boyfriend might put on someone else’s deodorant and NOT be cheating on you?

Ask yourself these questions:

“Have You Ever Smelled Another Woman’s Perfume on Him?”

When your boyfriend has spent time seeing someone else, then there’s a very good chance that the smell of the other woman will rub off on him. It could be that he showered at the other woman’s residence, and so he now smells like her body wash or shampoo. That’s a really poor example, because I’m pretty sure no one’s that stupid, but you get the general idea.

If you boyfriend has spent time with another woman, then a foreign feminine smell should go on your list of signs that your boyfriend is cheating.

“Have You Ever Smelled Another Man’s Cologne on Him?”

Guess what?

The truth of the matter is that even the dumbest of cheating boyfriends probably aren’t dumb enough to come home to you smelling like another woman. Most men will at the very least spray some masculine cologne on themselves to mask any feminine scent.

Either way you spin it, he’s probably taking steps to mask her smell.

Think about your boyfriend for a moment…What kind of cologne/deodorant does he use?

If he’s cheating with a married woman (or at least a taken woman) then your boyfriend will probably just ‘borrow’ some of their cologne to wear home to you, at least until he can shower. If your boy usually wears Red Spice, but comes home smelling like SpeedStick, then guess what!

Either your man forgot to wear any deodorant and borrowed another guy’s, or he’s lying to you about where he’s been.

“Does He Smell Freshly Showered When He Gets Home?”

Obviously, there are a lot of excuses that your boyfriend can come up with for taking a shower before seeing you (“I hit the gym before coming home” being one of the best), but this is still something to be aware of.

If your boyfriend:Cheating Boyfriend Signs

  • Has wet hair when he gets home
  • Smells freshly showered
  • Is wearing different clothes than he left in
  • Reeks of someone else’s shampoo/body wash

Then he’s probably cheating on you.

Did You Know
His Behavior at Social Events Can
Confirm Your Suspicions?

Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend #3

Do you and your boyfriend ever go to social gatherings, like work events, holiday parties, or maybe even something as simple as a neighborhood BBQ?

I’m sure that you’ve heard that it’s possible to catch lying with body language. What I’d like to talk to you about right now is how you can use your boyfriend’s behavior at social events and gatherings to judge whether or not he’s doing something behind your back.

Recommended Reading:
How to Catch Your Boyfriend Lying With Body Language

When you’re both at a party:

  • Did he even want you to come with him in the first place?
  • Does your boyfriend frequently leave you alone to go talk to other people?
  • Is your boyfriend constantly monitoring who you talk to?
  • Does your boyfriend seem un-enthused that you’re with him?
  • One minute he’s standing next to you, the next he’s literally nowhere to be found?

Some of the biggest signs of cheating can be found by dissecting your boyfriend’s behavior among others. Many times there’s an explanation for the way he acts.

For example, if your boyfriend didn’t invite you or didn’t want you to come to the social gathering, then maybe he was planning to meet his ‘other’ girlfriend at the party?

Or even worse, if he is cheating maybe he was planning on skipping the party altogether to meet his lover?

If you can do it without being suspicious, try to monitor the way he acts as much as possible…It will probably tell you a lot about whether or not he’s being unfaithful to you.

Guess What?
He Has a Secret Email or FaceBook Account
And You Don’t Know About it

Sign of Cheating #3

Have you ever found traces of an Email or FaceBook account that you didn’t know existed?

Maybe you walked in while your boyfriend was on the computer, and he suddenly closed the window he was in.

I want you to think for a moment about the possibility that your boyfriend has a FaceBook (or email, or anything other online communication) account that you don’t know about. I want you to imagine how easy that would make it for him to cheat.

Let’s step into the shoes of a cheater for a moment, shall we? Here are a few ways that having a secret email/Facebook account would make cheating easier:

  • He could Send messages without worrying about you finding them
  • He could Openly seek out other women
  • He could Completely hide any traces of an affair
  • He could “Other Woman Only” email account (makes them feel special)
  • He could Hide his real identity from the women he’s seeing

Obviously, you should really be wary of anything your boyfriend is doing online. It’s SO easy to have an online affair these days, and it’s even easier to keep it totally hidden from YOU.

If you think that he is cheating, then you NEED to find out whether or not he has any secrets online. To do this you have 2 options:

Read This First: No matter what you do, make sure you read my review of the Top 4 Boyfriend Tracking Technologies before you do anything else!

Alright, now let’s get down to business.

Option #1: Key Logger Software

What is a Keylogger?

The Best Key LoggerImagine you had the ability to freely record every key stroke on any computer…You’d be able to monitor your boyfriend’s computer 24/7.

Here are 5 things you can do with a Key Logger:

  1. Record all Websites Visited on the computer; Looking at porn? You’ll Know!
  2. Record any secret Email or Social Accounts
  3. Record Screen Shots of the computer; Easy Photo Proof of Cheating!
  4. Record any Online Chatting, the #1 Communication for Online Affairs
  5. Record any Dating Site Memberships that they visit

As I’m sure you can see, it’d be really hard to hide any questionable activity from a Key Logger. I do suggest that you really consider the benefits of installing tracking software on your computer…Your boyfriend won’t know what hit him! It won’t be so much looking for signs of a cheating boyfriend, as having them just fall right into your lap for you!

Option #2: Email Tracking Service

Email Tracer Sample ReportDo you want to know if your boyfriend has any email accounts that you don’t know about?

Do you wish that you could find out if he has a secret FaceBook account that he’s using to communicate with other women?

Imagine being able to type in your boyfriend’s email address and learning every single email account, social profile, username, cell phone number, along with any other public information…

Well it can happen. You can either

#1) Search with your boyfriend’s name

- OR -

#2) Search using your boyfriend’s email address.

No matter what you do, I hope that you find the answer to your suspicions. Feel free to stick around on, we have much more information that you can use to catch your boyfriend cheating on you, you just have to know where to luck.

That’s what we’re here for.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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