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Discover 5 Revealing Sexual Signs of Cheating

Who Else Wants 5 Proven Sex-Related Signs to Catch Cheating?

There are many different types of affairs one person can have. Whether it’s emotional with a close friend or physical with a random lover, all types of infidelity have unique characteristics that manifest if the partner is indeed having an affair. Today I’d like to talk to you about sexual signs of cheating, specifically.

At times, and in most cases regarding men, a pure sexual affair can be possible, if not likely. This normally occurs due to a few reasons; an “addiction to sex”, feelings of entitlement for their ‘hard work’, or just a plain high testosterone level can all be warning signs of infidelity. If your partner is indeed addicted to sex then he or she should be treated as a “person with a sickness” rather than just a “cheater”, but honestly, I think there are a lot less of these than some people might claim. Sex addiction is many times used as an excuse for weak will power.

If you suspect your husband or wife of having a sexual affair then you must watch out for the signs of cheating; note that not all of these signs need to be happening for you to confirm your suspicions, and many times your exact experience will be slightly different than what I outline here.

What Signs of Cheating Can You See on the Outside

If your partner is having a sexual affair then most probably the sex, or possibly their reaction to lack of sex, would be very different than what you’ve been having normally.

Sex outside the relationship would lean to be more experimental or violent and would leave marks on the body. Many times a cheating husband or cheating wife will use their time with a lover to try new things that they wouldn’t try to do with you.

If you’re looking for sexual signs of cheating, always be on the look out for “sex marks” on his or her body. These signs she’s cheating, or signs he’s cheating, can include:

  • Bite Marks
  • Scratch marks
  • Hickies
  • Etc.

Showing a Sudden Disinterest in Sex With You?

When a partner is involved in a highly sexual affair they will not have the stamina to do it consistently with both his or her lover and you. Sex takes a good bit out of most people, and trying to satisfy two men or women at the same time sexually can be a very difficult feat.

So, one of the common signs of a cheater when they’re sexually active is that they’ll be too exhausted to do ‘stuff’ with you. They may give you any excuse in the book…

  • “Long day at work”
  • “Hard day at the gym”
  • “Too much on my mind”

The fact is that they’re keeping a secret, and they don’t want you to know it.

If your love life is starting to look as dry as the Sahara when it used to be as exciting and exotic as a desert oasis, then you might be able to assume that either your partner is having a sexual affair or has problems performing in bed. There could be many reasons as to why your sex life has run dry; it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you.

You must absolutely cross reference your past experiences with your current ones to see if there has been a decrease in sex drive. Also take notice of what’s going on in the life of the person; was there a recent tragedy or stressful moment in their lives?

Also remember that sex drive has its ups and downs so don’t automatically assume it’s a red flag if things are a little slow for a bit.

Showing a Sudden Interest in “Experimental Sex”?

Many times if a partner is cheating then they will bring their newly found “sex habits” back into the bedroom when they arrive home with them. Normally the cheating partner would try things he or she can’t do at home.

In order to satisfy their sexual urges they will think it’s a good idea to attempt things that you aren’t used to or even things that may make you uncomfortable. Examples include anal sex, rough sex, sex toys, abusive language and behavior, etc. The reason for this is usually because they’ve fully embraced their feeling of entitlement and want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’.

Another side effect of a sexual affair would be an increase of sexual drive, this is especially true in the case of “sex addicts”. The more sex they have the more sex they want!

Are They Suddenly Using Birth Control or Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

In the case of a cheating wife or cheating girlfriend, keep track of birth control methods such as condoms or birth control pills, make sure you take notice if anything is unaccounted for. If you use condoms, take note of how many there are and if some of your condoms are missing.

In the case of cheating men (either cheating husband or cheating boyfriend) the same will go for the condoms, but also the use of pills such as Viagra would be common, due to the fact that the man now has to give twice as much as he would normally do. Always be certain of how many pills your husband has, if he uses any.

Catch an STD: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The final and most feared sign of sexual cheating would be to “pick up an STD”. There are tons of different types of STDs out there and if you fall subject to one then you can almost be certain that cheating is happening.

If both you and your partner have been faithful to each other, then an STD would is unlikely to pop up anywhere. Almost all STD’s are caused due to multiple sexual partners. Simply ask your doctor how the particular STD is spread and what the probabilities are of it being picked up randomly. Your doctor would most probably tell you that the probability of getting an STD by sitting on a park bench is like catching a fish in the desert.

How to Get More Sexual Signs of Cheating

If you suspect cheating and several of these sexual signs of cheating resonated with you, then you have my deepest sympathies, and I encourage you to get my free report – 17 Ways to Catch Cheating – for free and confirm your suspicions. You never know what you might find.

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Either way, though, I wish you the best of luck!

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