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Is My Husband Having An Affair? 3 Question Quiz

Do you often find yourself wondering “is my husband having an affair?” If you’re tired of being lied to, and you just want to get to the truth any way possible, then keep reading, because I think you’ll like what we have here!

Do You Want an Astonishingly Accurate Infidelity Quiz?

Before we go any further, let’s make sure that one thing is perfectly clear:

For the duration of this cheating husband quiz I’m going to ask you to assume that your husband IS having an affair. If he’s not, rest assured that we’ll find out the truth, but for right now we’re assuming he is cheating because that’ll make our investigation easier, and it’ll be less painful in the end if it’s true.

So go ahead and say it, in your head if not out loud…I want you to ask yourself and then answer yourself:

“Is my husband having an affair?”

Deep breath. Slowly when you’re ready…

“Yes, my husband is cheating on me”

Now deep breath again! We’ll deal with the pain and the anger and the emotions of that statement later, for right now we’re going to focus on getting to the truth.

The fact of the matter is that 85% of the time your gut feeling will tell you the truth before any other signs do.

The fact that your suspicious at all means that your virtually guaranteed to be right…A woman’s gut never lies. Just check all the popular infidelity forums, you’ll see this same recurring pattern. Your suspicion is one of the best indicators of an affair.

Is My Husband Having an Affair Quiz

Here is a 3 question quiz you should take to figure out if your husband is cheating on you. Just ask yourself the following questions and you’re sure to unearth the truth:

Cheating Husband Quiz Question #1)
- “Has My Husband Ever Accused Me of Cheating?” -

This is one of the best indicators that you can get that your husband is unfaithful to you.

If the Answer is Yes:

If you answer this question yes, then chances are good that your husband is probably being unfaithful. It’s been proven time and time again that almost always distrust is based on guilt.
What that means for you is that if your husband has ever accused you of having an affair, you should be VERY suspicious of him.

If the Answer is No:

The fact of the matter is that we as humans are constantly thinking about ourselves. Our naturally self-centered tendencies often cause us to assume everyone else acts and thinks the same way as we do. This is the reason that you should be suspicious of an accusatory spouse; chances are they got the idea of YOU having an affair from their own disloyalty.

If you answered no to this question, then this doesn’t necessarily mean that your husband isn’t having an affair, it just means that he’s not guilty about it.

Cheating Husband Quiz Question #2)
- “Does My Husband Still Have Sex With Me Regularly?” -

This is a very important question…It’s essential that you identify any odd patterns in you and your spouse’s sex life as soon as possible. Remember how we’re assuming that your husband is having an affair?

Cheating Husband QuizWell, whether or not he’s still being intimate with you will give you a big heads up to the type of affair he’s having…Which is actually more important than you probably think.

If the Answer is Yes:

If your husband is still sleeping with you a normal amount, then that actually means that it’s very unlikely that he’s emotionally involved with his lover. It’s likely that the affair is purely physical to him, even if he says otherwise to his lover.

This means that your husband is probably cheating on you out of boredom or some similar reason.

If the Answer is No:

However, if your frequency of sexual intimacy has decreased, then it probably means that your husband is having an emotional affair. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no physical aspect, but it does mean that your spouse has found some reason to sleep with you less.

It could be revenge that motivates the affair, it could be a need for drama, heck, it could even be something as silly as self affirmation.

The fact of the matter is that there’s some issue that your husband can’t deal with, and that’s what’s causing him to be disloyal.

Cheating Husband Quiz Question #3)
- “When Would My Husband Find Time to Cheat?” -

Yeah, I know, this isn’t a yes or no question. And this may no definitively answer the question of “Is my husband having an affair“, however, it’s still very important that you take the time to answer it. Here’s why:

There are a few things that all affairs have in common, and one of them is the element of Time. Every affair is going to require time to unfold.

  • There will have to be time spent communicating (hint: BIG place to find clues).
  • There will have to be time spent preparing to meet each other.
  • There will be the actual time spent together.
  • There will have to be time spent in transport.

As you can see, that really adds up to be a lot of time. There are only so many hours in the day, after all. Now, if you really think about it, I’m willing to bet that there aren’t that many REAL opportunities that your husband would have to have affair.

Here’s what you should do:

Take some time to jot down the times that YOU would have an affair.

By thinking like a cheater, you’re going to be much more likely to catch your husband. I think you’ll be surprised that you’re guess will turn out to be much more accurate than you think. Trust me.Is My Husband Cheating

Next Step: Get Cold, Hard Proof

The only thing left to do is to catch your husband red handed. By securing evidence of an affair you will know for sure that he’s cheating. Luckily, there actually aren’t that many FOOL PROOF ways to catch cheating, so you don’t have that much more work to do.

You really have two realistic options from this point:

Cell Phone Tracking

What is Cell Phone Tracking?

If you want cold, hard evidence that your husband is having an affair, and you want it RIGHT NOW, then you won’t get anything better than Cell Phone Tracking.

With this technology you get access to the following information:

  • All of your husband’s contacts
  • All of your husband’s text messages
  • All of your husband’s phone calls
  • You even learn exactly where your husband is at all times with GPS tracking

=> Learn More Here: Top 4 Ways to Track Your Spouse Cheating <=

As you can see, cell phone tracking ain’t no joke, and you should really consider it as the next step in your journey at this point.

However, if you don’t think that cell phone tracking is for you (Hey I understand, privacy is a real concern), then don’t worry, you have other options.

The ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

Private Investigators have been around in some or another for a REALLY long time. For centuries there have been people who specialize in acquiring information secretly and covertly.

Call them whatever you want, but there’s on thing for sure:

They know how to catch affairs. And YOU can learn their secrets…today.

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Either way you choose to proceed, I only wish you the best of luck from this point onwards. Feel free to check out some more of if you’d like! We have tons more information for you.

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