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Emotional Affair Signs When Your Spouse Strays

How Do You Know When Your Spouse’s Close Friend has Become Something More?

What emotional affair signs should you be on the lookout for?

Oftentimes your husband/wife’s love affair is much more obvious than you think, and my goal in this article is to give you everything you’ll need to get through any emotional infidelity that may be going on, and hopefully save your marriage.

By the time you reach the bottom of this page, you’ll know:

  1. The Top 3 Signs that Your Spouse is Falling in Love Behind Your Back
  2. The Top 5 Emotional Affair Signs that Your Wife or Husband is Already Having an Emotional Affair
  3. How to Confirm Your Suspicions and Catch a Secret Emotional Affair

But before I tell you how to identify the most important signs of an emotional affair, there’s something even more important that we have to talk about first.Emotional Affair Signs

Basically, I want you to understand why your spouse has fallen head over heels for someone other than yourself.

I want to talk to you about WHY people have emotional affairs.

By learning the ‘why’ of it, you’re much more likely to understand the ‘how to catch’ part later.


You’ll get all the emotional affair signs that you need to find out for sure whether or not you’re being cheated on, so just stick with me for a second and let’s see if we can’t figure out why you’re being lied to.

Top 3 Warning Signs of a Budding Emotional Affair?

Wondering what about your spouse’s life has made them decide to be led astray from your marriage?

What is it that makes people want out of a relationship?

What is it that made your husband or wife think they could do better than you?

Well, I probably can’t tell you with 100% certainty what the answer to that particular question is, but what I can tell you are 3 of the most common warning signs that you’re wife or husband is involved with someone else in a dreaded EMOTIONAL affair.

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Emotional Cheating Warning Sign #1.
- I’m Not ‘In Love’ Anymore! -

Obviously, this is a pretty big one. Many times your husband or wife will simply become bored with a relationship, thinking that they’ve lost the spark. The fact of the matter is that any committed relationship eventually loses that spark, but that’s the difference between having a little fling and having a partner for life. This is one of the biggest emotional affair signs that your spouse will feel.

Emotional Infidelity Warning Sign #2.
- Close Friend has Evolved to Something More -

This is the second most common reason for men and women to commit emotional infidelity. If you think that men and women are capable of being close friends without there ever being a spark of romance, well you’re wrong.

Which is also why emotional affairs in the workplace are so common these days.

Many times your spouse will begin to feel immense romantic feelings for a close friend. They’ll think “Isn’t this supposed to be what it’s like to fall in love?”, and they’ll automatically assume there’s something wrong with your marriage. It’s literally a justification for your spouse to cheat!

Emotional Affair Warning Sign #3.
- Need for Drama/Boredom -

Many times it really just comes down to how entertained your spouse is with their life. If they’re still interested in you and they love you, then this probably isn’t the reason your being emotionally cheated on, however, if you feel that maybe your husband or wife has grown tired of you or of their daily routine…Then an emotional affair could be their way of keeping themselves entertained. Boredom is one of the biggest signs of cheating out there, so beware if you think this could describe your spouse.

Here are some other reasons emotional affairs happen:

  1. Your spouse no longer feels needed in the relationship
  2. Your spouse feels unfulfilled with his life
  3. Your spouse loses confidence for any reason

Alright, now that we’ve identified a few of the key reasons that men and women stray emotionally in marriage, we can begin to discuss how you’re actually going to confirm your suspicions.

What Are the Top 5 Emotional Affair Signs?

I’m going to be honest with you…Each of these signs that you’re about to read about MAY NOT perfectly describe your exact situation.

I’m leaving it up to you to be a little creative and think about how each one of these emotional affair signs could apply to your specific situation. These aren’t just warning signs of an affair anymore, these are actual signs they could be actively cheating.

Once you’re done here, I highly recommend you learn about why men and women fall into emotional affairs.

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Emotional Affair Signs #1.
- The “Trust Me, You Have Nothing to Worry About” Friend -

Does your spouse seems a little too interested in someone else, and consequently spends all their time talking about them? Does it seem like every day they have a new story about their “You don’t have anything to worry about” friend?

Many times this is someone that you will have pointedly ASKED whether or not there was something going on with. Always their reply will be, “Oh don’t be silly, you have nothing to worry about!”. Just be really wary of your spouse if they say this…Almost always you DO have something to worry about, because it’s the same person that they’re having an emotional affair with.Emotional Affairs

Emotional Infidelity Signs #2.
- Do They Seem Jealous of a Close Friend? -

If your husband/wife spends a lot of time venting to you about their close friend’s new boyfriend/girlfriend, then it’s probably a sign of jealousy, and you should be worried.

After all, there’s absolutely no reason for your spouse to be jealous of anyone other than you, and if they start displaying all the most common signs of jealousy anytime something about their best friend at work comes up, then chances are they’re hiding some feelings for them from you.

Emotional Cheating Signs #3.
- Do They Ask Weird Questions About Love? -

Listen up, because this is one of those emotional cheating signs that you may not notice without hearing it first.

Many men and women become extremely confused when they find themselves falling in love outside of marriage. That’s exactly why one of the biggest emotional affair signs you can get is when your spouse asks your opinion on certain aspects of love. Here are some of the most common questions:

  • “Do you believe in everlasting love?”
  • “Do you think it’s possible to be in love with two people?”
  • “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
  • “Do you ever regret getting married?”

Emotional Affair Signs – Men (#4.)
- Do They Seem Distant? -

Alright, this emotional affair sign is more common in an unfaithful husband, although it does still apply to cheating wives. Just saying that if your husband is having an emotional affair, then this is one of clue to pay particular attention to.

When your spouse realizes how in love they are with their emotional lover, they’ll often react to you by distancing themselves emotionally from you. They only want to love one person, and many times they don’t choose you. So you get the cold shoulder.

Emotional Affair Signs – Women (#5.)
- Are They Overly Suspicious of You? -

Just like the last one, this is an emotional affair sign that is more typically seen in unfaithful wives than in cheating husbands. But don’t totally discount it either way…I’m just saying that if your wife is having an emotional affair, she’s likely to give you this hint.

We as human beings always assume that everybody else thinks and acts just like us.

Therefore, many times if your spouse is undergoing an emotional affair, they’re going to assume that you are also committing emotional infidelity. This will lead them to be overly suspicious of you!

What’s Next? Confirm the Emotional Affair

Are you one of the few who will actually do what it takes to get proof of an emotional affair? The coming road will be difficult, but worth it, and only a special kind of character will be able to make it through the hardship and come out the other side.

But just imagine all the benefits of knowing the truth:

  • You won’t have to worry about your wife/husband lying to you
  • You’ll know for sure whether or not they’ve fallen in love with someone else
  • You will be able to take the first steps towards emotional affair recovery
  • You and your wife/husband will finally be able to discuss things in the open like adults
  • You’ll be able to make sure they don’t cheat again

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Signs of CheatingBut of course, none of this matters unless you take time to find out the truth. You need to dig deeper than simple emotional affair signs…You need to do whatever it takes to dig out your spouse’s infidelity.

Listen, there’s no reason that you should have to continue wondering whether or not your spouse is even coming back to you…You deserve to learn more about whether your spouse is truly being loyal.

Unfortunately, the only way to do that is dig deeper, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. You can simply click here to continue on to our newest Emotional Affair Signs offer and discover how you can catch ANY signs of an emotional affair by the end of the week.


Emotional Affair Signs Don’t Matter When You Can Track Their Every Move…

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You’ll be able to:

  • Track all text messages sent to or from your spouse’s cell phone
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  • Find out if they access Google Maps on their phone
  • Track their location with GPS
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It’s really powerful stuff, and I hope you’ll check it out. It’s basically like having your own private investigator to follow your spouse everywhere they go. Except that it’s a lot cheaper.

Either way, thanks for reading!

 - Jack R. McLaddel

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