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Emotional Affair Definitions - Lover or Close Friend?

Are you living in constant suspicion that your spouse has crossed the line with a close friend?

Many times correctly identifying emotional affair definitions can be extremely difficult, and extremely painful, to carry out…How are you supposed to know whether your husband or wife is falling in love with another person?

More importantly, what should you do about it if they are?

These are extremely important, but extremely difficult questions to answer. I’m sure that you’ve asked yourself about emotional affair definitions before, but maybe didn’t pursue the thought process because it was too difficult, or you just didn’t know.

Either way, as you continue reading this article you’ll learn:

  1. What Exactly Defines an Emotional Affair and Why You Should Catch it ASAP
  2. How an Emotional Affair Starts and Why it Matters to You
  3. Warning Signs that Your Spouse’s Close Friend has Turned into a Lover

I’m sure that at least one of those sounds worth reading about.

Let’s get to it!

Emotional Affair Definitions:

“What is an Emotional Affair &
Why Should I Be Worried?”

Definition – An emotional affair is any adulterous relationship that does NOT involve sex.

Read Wikipedia’s emotional affair definitions here

This is actually a relatively new classification of affair…This sort of thing has never really been recognized until the past 10 years.

Because of that, you may feel that you can take your time figuring out what to do about your spouse’s potential emotional infidelity, but I’m here to tell you otherwise…

Here’s a quick infidelity fun fact, just to help convince you that you’re not in the wrong…To convince you that you have every reason to be suspicious AND worried.


Because over 50% of all emotional affairs will eventually lead to a physical affair. That means that even though your spouse may just be falling in love right now, if you don’t do something about it then you risk something more happening.

Emotional Affair Definitions:

“How Do Emotional Affairs Start?”

Emotional Affair DefinitionsAs I’m sure you’ve already guessed, emotional affairs generally don’t start quite the same way that physical ones do.

If you just want to have sex, then most men and women will check the internet for singles websites, or use FaceBook to meet up with other people in your area. They may even look to close friends or coworkers…The point is that they’re LOOKING for an affair.

An emotional affair doesn’t happen quite the same way.

Most cases of emotional infidelity will begin by your spouse becoming very good friends with someone of the opposite gender. Emotional affairs in the workplace are extremely common.

Of course, affairs are just common in the workplace, period, so I guess that’s not saying much.

Over time, that emotional investment your spouse is putting into this relationship will slowly turn into something much more potent, until finally your wife or husband falls fully head over heels for someone outside of your marriage.

And of course, it follows that the next step is sex…Although hopefully that won’t be the case for you.

It’s really actually pretty easy see how it happens, not that that makes it any better.

If your spouse is bored, or there are even small problems in your marriage, then it’s easy for the emotions and feelings that come naturally with friendship to turn into adulterous feelings. Many a secret emotional affair has been started as a result of some teeny tiny problem in the marriage.

Most people believe that every person has only so much emotional energy that they can expend at once, and the way that most non-physical adulterous relationships develop would support that theory.

When Does a Friendship
- Officially -
Turn into an Emotional Affair?

Secret Emotional AffairEven though this is one of the most important emotional affair definitions, there really is no ‘set in stone’ rule for this. Generally it’s been assumed that a friendship has gone too far when the romantic feelings that either party feels are reciprocated.

You’ll want to read this article about emotional affair signs.

In other words, as soon as both people feel attracted to each other it becomes an emotional affair. Because it becomes consensual.

Chances are that there will be know clear distinction for your spouse, but you’ll know in your heart that this is where the distinction lies. In fact, I’d wager that if you told your husband/wife your suspicions that they would vehemently deny any such romantic feelings. To them it’s just the normal progression of the friendship.

Any feelings of guilt will be alleviated because they’re not actually physically cheating, or so they’ll tell themselves.

If your spouse, however frequently, is spending time with a close friend in a non-work environment, then this is one of the top warning signs of emotional infidelity is or already has taken place.

How to Catch an Emotional Affair

Enough about emotional affair definitions!

After all, at some point you just get sick and tired of the constant suspicion of whether or not your spouse is cheating on you behind your back.

We need to start working towards a solution to end your spouse’s emotional affairs (or affair).

I’m willing to bet that you’ve still got a couple more questions about emotional affairs…Like how to catch them or how to get undeniable proof that your spouse is guilty.Emotional Affair Signs

Your always encouraged to read some more of the articles on…But of course it’s really up to you.

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Either way you choose, thanks for reading!

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