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Affairs at Work - Signs Your Spouse is Cheating in the Workplace

Let’s face it, affairs at work are becoming more and more common as our economy is requiring more and more couples to start sending both spouse’s to the work force.

Not only that, but once you have kids even if only one of you works, there’s still just SO little quality time that you get to spend with your spouse.

Workplace Affair Statistics – How Common Are They?

In a nationwide survey in 2003, 47% of workers admitted to participating in a workplace affair. On top of that, an additional 19% of workers openly admitted that they’d be interest in having an affair at the workplace if the opportunity arose.

That means all told, almost 70% of workers WANT to have an unfaithful relationship with a coworker!

Find Vault’s 2003 Office Romance Survey Here

So, Why Do Affairs at Work Happen?

Well, let’s just think about it…

You’re working 40 hours a week, commuting for an hour or so a day (depending on your location) and eating 3 meals day, that means that you’re schedule leaves about 3 or 4 hours tops of free time that you could potentially spend with your spouse.

Assuming you each have your own interests, hobbies, or other obligations, that doesn’t leave much time for true, intimate quality time with one another.

On top of that, if you’ve got kids, you’ve probably got at least 4 hours worth of parental obligations every night when you get home!

Not that having kids is a bad thing at all, don’t take me wrong, but there’s no doubt that it requires special effort to maintain a happy and loving marriage once you and your spouse become parents, as opposed to just a married couple.

Relationships are just harder with kids around. That’s why not everyone should have kids, but that’s just my personal opinion.

That being said, you can understand, then, perhaps why affairs at the workplace are becoming more and more common in the 21st century.

We spend so much time away from our spouse, and so much time at work, that it’s almost MORE surprising when one spouse or the other does NOT fall into an extramarital office romance.

Many times we’re even given a company credit card, a company car, or free plane tickets that we can use to enjoy an affair without our spouse having access to potential evidence!

This isn’t an excuse, of course, it’s just the truth.

Work is probably every working person’s primary source of adulterous temptation.

I mean 40 hours a week is a long time to spend with someone you have distinct sexual chemistry with. It’s more time than they’re spending with you, that’s for sure.

So the point is, if there are any marital problems at all, then a harmless crush on an office partner can quickly turn into full blown workplace infidelity.

What are you supposed to do about it?

Well, we can start by identifying the most common signs of an affair in the workplace

3 Extremely Common Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair at Work

As always, when you suspect an affair you should always be listening to your gut.

Often times your subconscious is much more finely attuned to the actions and reactions of your spouse than you are, and will tell you what to expect before anything even happens to give you a single clue.

And that being said, I won’t deny that there is a time in a place for confirm your suspicions. Fortunately for you, that time and place is right now and right here.

So let’s get down to it, shall we? What signs to exist that might prove that your spouse use a guilty of having an affair at the workplace?

Workplace Affair Sign #1)
Has His or Her Schedule Changed Recently?

This is a probably the most often heard sign of a workplace affair that you will come across these days.

Everyone and their mother knows that as soon as your husband / wife stops coming home for lunch, or starts frequently working late, or takes business trips out of the blue, is PROBABLY doing something that they don’t want you to know about…Be it emotional affairs, sexual affairs, office affairs, you name it.

Again, a gut feeling can go a long way on this, but but don’t ever do yourself a disservice of it just assuming that it’s work and not an affair, especially if you’re already in suspicion.

Keep your eyes peeled for these changes:

  • They don’t want you calling them at work
  • They’ve started taking an extra long lunch break
  • They have a ‘project’ due this month and they need to work late every night this week
  • They only have a few minutes for dinner, because they’re needed back at the office

Any of those can be a sign of workplace cheating.

Affair at Work Warning Sign #2)
Is There a Coworker they Used to Talk About, But Don’t Anymore?

Let’s think logically for a moment…There are several things that need to happen before an affair can take place.

One of them is that they need to become friends with a person that they eventually sleep with. You don’t just go from acting like a monogamous married person to acting like a single person having sex outside of marriage overnight, it builds up over time.

During this friendship of building phase, guess what?

Your spouse is very likely to talk about this soon-to-be ‘other woman’ or ‘other man’ to you.

That’s right, there’s a good chance that they will mention the name of their future office romance.

However, the moment that the friendship goes from the friendly to sexy is also the moment that your spouse will STOP talking about this other person, simply because they don’t want to raise your suspicions. It’s not a game anymore, it’s real life, and they likely won’t risk mentioning this person’s name to you.

The only exception is when the person your spouse is having an affair with their boss.

Normally, if you were suspecting anything, it would probably work. You would simply forgets about this person that they use to talk about.

However, I’m telling you not to forget.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to search back in your memory and see if you can’t think of someone that your spouse used to talk about, but no longer even mentions.

Is it someone of the opposite gender?

Did your spouse seem particularly enchanted by their friendship with this person?

Do you honestly think that there is any chance that they could be sleeping with this person?

If you answered yes to two or more of those questions, then I’m sorry my friend, but you may have just stumbled onto the identity of your spouse’s workplace lover.

Sign of Workplace Cheating #3)
You’re Not Invited to the Office Christmas Party

This one is fairly self explanatory…

Did you use to get invited to things like office parties, office picnics, were just office outings in general?

Did your spouse often invite you to meet them for lunch at their place of work?

What about now…How often do you find yourself attending one of your spouse’s office events?

Are you invited to the office Christmas party?

Even though it is a complete stereotype, the fact is that office parties are a haven for infidelity. There are so many sexual affairs and romantic relationships begun at these types of events simply because they are the perfect circumstance for a fantasy to turn into a reality.

I mean think about it…

You’re with this person who you’ve been flirting with for several months now. Your spouse isn’t around. You guys are having fun and talking and just enjoying each other’s company. You’re a little bit buzzed…


You find yourself in an intimate situation that’s played itself out hundreds of times in your head…What do you do?

Well, according to Vault’s survey, you act on it!

You commit adultery right then and there, or later that night, either in a closet, a bathroom, a car, a motel room, you name it! Whatever’s available, you make it happen.

It sounds silly, like something that would happen in a soap opera, but the fact of the matter is that this exact scenario plays out thousands of times each year all across the USA (and the rest of the working world).

So What Do You Think?

Is Your Spouse Guilty of an Office Affair?

Listen, I know that you’re head is probably teeming with a million different questions right now, but that’s OKAY!

It’s NORMAL to be confused. It’s NORMAL to have questions.

But no matter what, there is one thing that is universally true, wherever you are right now:

You need to get proof that your spouse is cheating on you.

You need something that will hold up in court, something that you can point to and say “Look, you snake, I’ve got you now!”

But how do you get it? Where do you find proof?

Well, please feel free to browse around the rest of our website. We have lots of information available to you entirely for free, and I really hope you find the answers that you need here.

However, for the best help available, I suggest you subscribe to our newsletter.

Whatever you do, thanks for reading! And good luck!

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