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"Act Now - 4 Ways that I Caught My Wife Red-Handed"

Once I admitted to myself that my wife was cheating on me, I realized that the next step had to be finding evidence. By the end of this guide you’ll know exactly what I did (there were 4 main things), and what you can do too, to find the proof of an affair that you need.

This is Step 2 in my 5 step proven program to catch an affair. Although you don’t have to, I encourage you to read through Step 1: Concede before reading this article.

Below you’ll find 4 things I did that were critical to catching my wife cheating:

Tip #1 – I Kept an ‘Affair Journal’

This is the biggest thing that nobody tells you to do. Keep a journal. I didn’t get this from any book or guide, but I sure am glad that I did it. If you’re really serious about catching your spouse cheating, every day mark down anything that seems suspicious they did that day.Cheating Spouse

This might include what time they left the house, or what time they went to bed, or what time they got up, or maybe it would even be something as subtle as an awkward feeling.

It’s extremely important to document this stuff because that way you can ensure that you have a rock solid base of evidence from which to eventually confront your husband. Without keeping a journal you WILL lose track of at least some of the stuff that happens.

I know that nobody really likes writing, but do yourself a favor and make it easier on yourself. Keep an affair journal; without it catching my wife would have been much more difficult, because I wouldn’t have been able to see and document patterns in her behavior.

WARNING: Make sure that you’re extremely careful with your affair journal! Keep it secret, keep it safe!

Tip #2 – “She Became Distant, Almost Secretive”

The only thing I could call it would be distant. She seemed so distant. This is really what led me to my realization that day I was eating chocolate pie. Over the course of the past few months she had slowly become more distant. It almost felt like I was the only one in a crowd of people that didn’t get the joke.

We Stopped Watching TV Together,

It started with small things…We usually watch a couple TV shows every night, for example, and one night she said she just wanted to go to bed.

“Okay,” you’re thinking, “That really doesn’t seem so bad. You gotta have more proof than that.”

Well, it started off as just one time. Then she did it the next week. Over the next few weeks it became more and more frequent for her to just go to bed, until eventually I just started going to bed with her every night and we eliminated our TV watching tradition entirely.

We Stopped Eating Together,

Another example: We both work in a large office complex building, but for different companies and on different floors. It’s a great gig because it saves us money on gas, and it’s fun to go to and from work together every day. We always get to have a groggy breakfast together in the morning, and we get to talk about our respective days on the way home.

But one day as I was getting up she mumbled to turn off the alarm and that she was gonna skip breakfast; she said to wake her 15 minutes before we had to leave. She had been complaining about her work load, so it wasn’t unexplainable for her to want to sleep in. However, this too slowly happened more and more frequently.

And We Stopped Talking Together

Honestly though, the biggest indication was in our conversation. Slowly she seemed to lose interest in talking to me and our once talkative drives home turned into silent observation of the road around us. My once chatty wife no longer deemed me worthy of her effort and time.

The worst part? I didn’t know why.

Of course, eventually her distance is what led me to my initial suspicions, and so I have to say that’s the biggest tip off you can get, and I believe that this distance occurs in some form for every affair.

By the way, any time you get that ‘feeling of distance’ you should record it and talk about it in your Affair Journal. This is a great thing to keep track of.

DISCLAIMER: Alright, I’m going to be honest, the following two tips aren’t entirely my own original thinking. To avoid plagiarism, I’m obligated to tell you that I’m sharing these ideas from a report that I bought online (How to Catch a Cheating Spouse), but they were so good I thought I’d do you a favor and share them.

Tip #3 – “She Stopped Doing Her Household Duties”

IHow to Catch a Cheating Spouse‘m going to be honest, this is something I never would’ve put together on my own. Luckily, this is something I learned from Sarah Paul (she wrote How to Catch a Cheating Spouse), as it was a huge tip off, When I eventually confronted my wife she actually admitted that she was worried I would notice her failure to keep up with chores.

I noticed that dishes would go a couple days without being done when it was her week to do them, where normally we’re both very good about doing them at least once a day.

The same sort of thing happened across the board, and I witnessed my wife slowly become less and less the perfectionist clean-er she always had been, to someone who was almost a pain to live with.

Luckily since I’d been writing it down, once I bought Sarah Paul’s report and learned that this is a significant sign of an affair I could look back and see when exactly my wife had failed to do her dishes. In the end this is actually one of the things that helped me know what nights she was meeting her lover.

Tip #4 – “She Deleted Her Internet History All the Time”

It turns out that one of the ways that my wife was getting around me all the time, and one of the reasons that I had so much trouble catching her, was that she was using FaceBook to communicate with her lover. I didn’t have a FaceBook (I know, I know, laugh it up) so I had no idea to even check into this means of communication.

However, one thing I learned from How to Catch a Cheating Spouse by Sarah Paul is that if you’re spouse is cheating on you then chances are that they’ll leave a trail online. Of course, since people know that these days they think to delete their history. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this leaves a very distinguishable trail all by itself!

Before I had Sherlock Pro (the $100 Key Logging software that comes free with Sarah Pauls book), what I would do is check the history every day and write down in my Affair Journal when the history was deleted. To do thaSherlock Pro Key Loggingt you just have to see how far back the history goes, and that’s how you’ll know the last time it was erased.

Of course, with Sherlock Pro I just set it up and it told me literally every key stroke my wife made. It let me see the web sites she went to, what she said and who she said it to…It even takes automatic screen shots, which you can print out and use as physical proof.

For more information on how you can track your spouse see the next step;

Step 3: Trace.

Here’s Where You’re At Now

Alright, so by now I’ve shared with you 4 things I did that all helped me to confirm my wife’s affair. Guess what?

You’ve got everything that you need to catch your wife cheating on you. All it takes now is time and effort on your part.

That being said, there are still 3 more steps in the C.A.T.C.H. plan that I really think that you’ll get something out of, and I hope that you’ll continue to read this guide.

Step 1: Concede <== | ==> Step 3: Trace

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