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If you’re anything like me, then you’ve heard WAAAAY to many failure stories from couples and ex-spouses who’ve tried marriage counseling and seen literally no improvement in their marriage.

Unfortunately it seems as if 80% of the counseling industry is made up of people who have more problems than the couples that they’re trying to help. Which is just too bad for all the men and women out there who think they can turn to a marriage therapist as the golden key to fixing a marriage.

They forget that marriage counselors are just ordinary people like you and me, the only difference being that they’ve taken a bit of time to study up on typical answers to typical relationship questions and problems. They understand normal patterns…But infidelity is FAR from normal behaviour.

Same goes for the private investigator…No different than you and me, but he/she has special training and resources that allow them to charge you an arm and a leg for, because they KNOW you feel lost and will pay anything to find answers.


Instead of recommending that you go out and hire a therapist or a PI right off the bat and likely waste a ton of money doing so, I decided to compile a list of resources, both free and otherwise, that you can try instead of hiring an expensive professional to do it for you.

Some of the resources here will save you a fortune on a PI, others a fortune on a marriage counselor. Some both.

My hope is that you’re able to resolve whatever stage of this affair your in using the resources listed below. I recommend you start with my very own C.A.T.C.H. action plan, because it is both free and comprehensive, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Please note that I do receive a small affiliate commission for sales generated from this website (as stated in my FTC disclaimer). These commissions are what allow me to continue expanding, updating and improving, and help me to reach as many troubled spouses as I can. Your helping ME help other folks just like YOU.

Good luck!

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