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How To Forgive A Cheating Husband – Want Your Husband To Apologize For His Affair? Here's What You're Doing Wrong!

Does the image of your husband’s affair haunt your dreams?

Do you have no idea how to forgive a cheating husband? If you have no idea how to forgive your husband and recover from the affair, then this article is for you.

Believe it or not, there are several mistakes that just about every woman makes when they’re trying to recover from an affair. That’s what I’d like to talk to you about today. I want to tell you what you’re doing wrong to recover from this affair.

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Do NOT Lose Your Pride!

When your spouse is cheating on you, the absolute worst thing you can do is forsake your pride. Many woman think that if they sink low enough, they’ll get their husband back.

  • You should never beg for your husband to come back
  • You should never let your husband convince you it’s your fault
  • You should never let your husband see how much his affair affects you (at least for now)
  • You should never blame yourself
  • You should never “explode” on your husband

Listen, affairs are life changing, and the way that you handle your husband’s infidelity will have a huge impact on whether or not your relationship will ever recover. The only way to keep your husband from cheating on you AGAIN is to make sure that you keep your pride.

By showing him how much power you still have without him, you’ll be making sure he knows he’s made a mistake.How to Forgive a Cheating Husband

Do NOT Force Forgiveness

Many women (and men) react to an affair with rage and anger. Many times, especially if your husband is not very dominant, you can actually MAKE him apologize to you.

Furthermore, many times you will feel pressured to heal the relationship as quickly as possible.

Both of these situations should be avoided like the plague. You NEVER want to force the affair recovery process. The secret to forgiving your cheating husband?

Patience! Patience is the secret ingredient to a long, loyal marriage after your husband has cheated.

Do NOT Lie About Forgiveness

If you learn nothing else from this entire article (Hey I tried, didn’t I?) then you should at least learn this:

NEVER say you’ve forgiven your husband when deep down you actually haven’t.

Many women feel that the sooner they let their husband’s know they’ve been forgiven, the sooner the relationship can get back to normal. This is the exact OPPOSITE of what you should be doing. Believe me, you’ll know when you’ve forgiven your husband. If you tell him he’s forgiven before you’ve actually gotten over the affair, then you’re actually working backwards.

how to forgive my unfaithful husbandThe quickest way to forgive a cheating husband is to let it flow naturally. Believe me, with a good plan and a bit of time, it’s not impossible to forgive your husband. I know it seems absolutely out of reach right now, but really and truly listen to me:

Affair recovery is a LONG process. It takes time to work through the pain.

However, one of the best ways that’s proven to make difference in recovery rate is having a plan for you and your spouse.

I highly suggest taking some time to sit down with your husband and talk about how you both want to recover from the affair. This is what I recommend:

“How DO I Forgive My Cheating Husband?”

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now (even if you don’t want to believe it), there is no “Magic Answer” when it comes to forgiving your husband’s infidelity. It’s going to be a long process and it will take effort on both you and your husband’s part.

That being said, having a plan that both you AND your husband understand can make the difference between surviving the affair and letting it destroy your marriage.

How to Forgive a Cheating Husband:

  • Phase 1 – Heal Yourself. Make sure that you’ve cleared your conscious of guilt.
  • Phase 2 – Heal Your Relationship. This is when you analyze what went wrong.
  • Phase 3 – Heal Your Marriage. This phase focuses on building a new, stronger marriage.
  • Learn MoreHow to Forgive Your Unfaithful Husband

Forgive my husbands infidelityThis is a great formula that’s been proven to work with thousands of couples struggling with infidelity.

Listen, you and your husband don’t have to continue fighting through this affair. There is another way. You can continue reading about how to save your marriage and forgive your husband for his affair.

Thanks for reading!

 - Jack R. McLaddel

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