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How to Catch a Cheating Wife - 5 Easy Ways to Confirm Your Fears

“How Do You Catch a Cheating Wife?”

I’m guessing that if you were asked to describe the process of how to catch a cheating wife, you’d probably choose words like difficult, emotional, and painstaking.

So what gives? What are you doing wrong that’s making it so difficult to get proof of a cheating spouse?

How can you even be sure that your wife is having an affair?

By the time you’ve finished reading the top 5 ways how to catch a cheating wife, you’ll know:

  1. How to Confirm Your Suspicious About Your Wife
  2. How to Find Out When She’s Meeting Her Cheating Partner
  3. How to Get Undeniable Proof of her Being Unfaithful Behind Your Back

This article is devoted to making detecting deception easy and pain-free. I’m going to make it a simple matter for you to discover the truth. However, I should warn you:

Even though I can tell you exactly how to catch a cheating spouse, it will never be painless.

I’m sorry.

There’s just no way to deal with an unfaithful wife that’s NOT at least a little bit emotionally trying. My suggestion to you is to go ahead and accept that your wife is cheating on you, because it’ll make it a lot easier further down the road when you actually DO get proof.

Remember this: The sooner you do get proof, the sooner you can move towards confronting your partner and rebuilding trust

Does that make sense? I hope so…Let’s go ahead and get started working towards catching your wife!

Learn How to Catch a Cheating Wife
Using These 5 Painless Techniques

How to Catch a Cheating WifeI’ll go ahead and give a quick disclaimer right now…Not every one of these methods will work for every suspicious husband who’s reading this article. A couple of these techniques are totally situation-dependent, so you’ll have to figure out which strategy will work best for you.

I hope that’s not too much to ask! Hopefully you can use at least one of these techniques to catch your cheating partner.

How to Catch Her Cheating Tip #1)
Keep Track of Her Mileage

I’m about to make a statement that’s really really obvious, but I’m willing to bet you haven’t fully considered the ramifications of it yet:

Every affair requires some mode of transportation. When people cheat, they also drive.

What I mean is this: If your wife is cheating on you she’s gonna have to get to her lover somehow…Wouldn’t you agree that her car is a likely tool of transport for her to use?

Let me try making that a little more clear, I know I can be kind of wordy:

If your wife is cheating on you, she’s going to have to drive her car.

At least a little bit.

Now, if you’re lucky your wife will be driving enough outside of the norm that by keeping track of her mileage, you can actually figure out EXACTLY when she’s meeting with another man. Just take some time every day to write down the mileage on her car so you can tally how far she drives everyday.

Doing this is one of the easiest ways to get proof of an affair out there.

How to Catch Your Wife Cheating Tip #2)
Watch Her Behavior Before and After She Leaves

Your most likely to pick up on any guilty or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary behavior either right before or right after your wife sees her cheating partner.Best Ways to Catch a Cheating Wife

It’s important that you always spend that time searching for telltale signs of infidelity…Here are some questions you can ask yourself to keep note of her behavior:

  • Is she in a good mood or bad mood?
  • Is she in a hurry?
  • Does she seem like she’s anxious to get away from you?
  • When was the last fight you two had?
  • How long does she say she’s going to be gone for?
  • Where does she say she’s going?
  • How does she react when you ask where she’s going?

Each of these questions can help you to formulate an idea of your wife’s mindset before leaving and right after she gets back. These are the times when your most likely to see signs of a cheating wife.

There’s no need to hire a private investigator if you just take the time to be observant! There are abundant signs of cheating when you actually take the time to look and stop dwelling on your relationship issues and what you did wrong.

How to Catch a Cheating Woman Tip #3)
Find Out Where She’s Going, Even If Your Have to Snoop

Using the previous two tips should allow you to get a pretty idea about when your wife is meeting with her cheating partner, and when she’s not. Now is the time to use that information to catch a cheating spouse.

If you feel confidant that you’ve figured out when your wife is meeting with another man (it’s a lot easier to figure out than most people think), then the next step is to actually try and follow her.

Important! This should really be a last resort…Don’t do this unless you’re comfortable!

There are easier solutions of course.

Best Way to Catch a Cheating Wife Tip #4)
You Can Track Her Activity to Catch Cheating

If you don’t mind dropping a bit of cash, then you can learn what your wife is really doing behind your back both quickly and easily.

The bottom line here is that you need to be creative with your detective skills…Learning how to catch a cheating wife isn’t necessarily hard, it’s just really emotional, which makes a lot of people afraid to try. So instead they waste money hiring a Private Investigator or something!

Unfaithful WifeYou don’t even have to use the two options outlined below; it could be as simple as a hidden camera or something! Just get the job done. In fact, if you decide you want some more information on the subject of using technology to catch her cheating on you, then check out this article I’ve written up for you:

Get Proof of Your Wife’s Affair Without Lifting a Finger
=> Top 4 Ways to Track Your Cheating Wife

Without further ado, here are the top 2 ways you can get proof of your wife cheating on you.

Option 1: Spy On Her Computer

Did you know that recent stats about infidelity state that over 30% of all divorce litigation is because of online cheating?

That means that if your wife is having an affair, there’s a very good chance that she’s either communicating online, or meeting other men online. Either way, you’re going to find out about it, and here’s how:

With a KeyLogger Program

  • Track every key she types
  • Track every website she visits
  • Track every image or video she looks at
  • Track every file she opens
  • Track every email or message that she sends
  • Find out if she has a hidden FaceBook or Email account
  • What is a KeyLogger? (Wikipedia Article)

As I’m sure you can see, there’s quite a bit of information to be had when you’re ready to dig deeper.

There’s a very good chance that using a KeyLogger will be the best decision you ever make for unearthing your lying and cheating spouse.

Option 2: Spy On Her Cell Phone:

The other most common tool that cheating spouses use during an affair is the cell phone.

If your wife is cheating on you, then you’re virtually guaranteed to find proof of it on her cell phone. The trick is to look through her phone without her looking or finding out about it.

Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done…Until now.

I’d like to tell you about something called Mobile Phone GPS Tracking:

  • You can read every text, sent or received, even if deleted
  • You can find out who she’s calling and for how long
  • You can have free access to her contacts
  • 24/7 GPS location tracking tells you exactly where her phone is
  • She’ll never know a thing; all tracking is totally remote
  • The only think you have to do is install the tracking software (2 minutes, tops!)

As you can see, this is a very powerful alternative for catching your wife in the act of infidelity and cheating. There’s not much she’ll be able to hide, because she won’t even know she’s being watched!

Incredibly powerful…I wish I’d known about it when I was going through an affair. Who knew that a phone call could ever tell you so much about your wife?

Well, either way you choose, thanks for reading! I really hope that you’ve learned something new, or realized how you can catch your wife cheating.

Feel free to browse more of!

Thanks for reading!

 - Jack R. McLaddel

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