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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse: 17 Ways to Get Proof of Infidelity

Did you know that 60% of all married men and women will cheat on their spouse sometime in the marriage?

Do you want to know how to catch a cheating spouse?

In this day and age it’s become extremely common for affairs to take place. Unfortunately for you as a suspicious spouse, that means that it’s more important than ever to know exactly what your spouse is doing, 24/7.

By the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll know how to catch a cheating spouse in 5 different places:

  1. Online or Computer – What if your spouse has a FaceBook or Email Account that you don’t know about?
  2. Cell Phone – If your spouse is cheating on you, then you’re sure to find proof on their cell phone
  3. Money – Can you imagine having an affair without spending at least a little cash?
  4. In Their Car – If another man or woman has been in your car, we’re going to find out about it
  5. At Their Work Place – Did you know that work is the most common excuse cheaters use to get away with infidelity?

It’s highly recommended that you wait to confront your cheating spouse until you have Court Worthy Proof of an affair. Fortunately, by the end of this article you’ll know exactly how to catch your cheating husband, or how to catch a cheating wife if that’s the situation you’re in.

Sound good?

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Online

We live in the information age, right?How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

As such, it should follow that the most common form of interaction between men and women is probably going to be through a computer. Online Affairs are now much more common than they’ve ever been before, and it’s more important than ever to learn how to catch a cheating spouse.

Stats About Infidelity: Did you know, according to a recent study of the nation’s attorneys, over 30% of all divorce litigation is because of online cheating?

Astonishing isn’t it? It sort of makes your wonder the truth about your relationship, and what it’s really worth in this day and age, doesn’t it? The fact of the matter is that you’re in a bad position as the suspicious spouse.

However, there are a few things that you can do to catch your spouse cheating on the computer:

Check Your Internet History – At least once a day. You’re going to want to look for any gaps in internet activity where you KNOW your spouse was on the computer, but the history says otherwise.

Check Your Computer’s Cookies – If your spouse has been on any porn sites, then checking your browser’s cookies is one of the best ways to find out about it. If you don’t know how to do this, just Google “cookies + [whatever browser you use, eg: Firefox or Internet Explorer].

Use a Key Logger Program – I’m sure that you’ve heard of these, but if you haven’t, a Key Logger is one of the most effective ways for you to figure out how to catch a cheating spouse; it will record every single action performed on the computer it’s installed on, making it a very useful tool for catching an affair

My preferred computer Key Logger software is the Max KeyLogger program. You can read more about tracking a cheating spouse.

Here’s what it will do for you:

  • Track everything your spouse types (even if it’s in a Chat Window)
  • Record voice chatting
  • Track every website your spouse visits (AdultFriendFinder, FaceBook)
  • Take automatic Screen Shots that you can print out later
  • You can set custom ‘trigger words’ - When typed they trigger a Screen Shot
  • 100% Invisible – Even to Fire Walls and Spy Ware programs (Thanks Stealth Mode!)
  • Very efficient – It won’t slow down your computer at all
  • Totally remote Keylogging – Computer activity is periodically emailed to you

If your spouse is doing anything suspicious or unfaithful via the computer or internet, then you can find out about it by using the computer spying tips outlined above!

How to Catch Cheating
On Their Cell Phone

Track Your Cheating SpouseAlright, so we’ve established that online affairs are a rising epidemic in our society, right?

Well, cell phones go hand in hand with computers. If your spouse is cheating on you (and we’re going to assume they are) then there is evidence of the affair on their cell phone.

I mean think about it…Cell phones are just so convenient. Your spouse has either called, texted, or otherwise communicated with their lover with on their cell phone. And we’re going to find out about it.

I’m willing to bet that at some point or another you’ve been suspicious of your husband or wife for something that they’ve done with their phone.

Did you know that one of the biggest signs of cheating is when your spouse suspiciously leaves the room when they get a call?

I’ll stress this one more time: If your spouse is cheating, then there’s bound to be proof galore on his or her cell phone; there’s little to know learning involved when it comes to how to catch a cheating spouse through cell phone tracking.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse with Cell Phone Tracking:

Check Your Spouse’s Contacts – Did you know that almost all cheating men and women will list their lover as a ‘friend’ of the opposite gender? Now, I’m guessing that you know your spouse pretty well, so this is what you’re going to do:

Try and get a spare second to look through his/her contacts. You’re going to want to check for any opposite gendered people that sound like they have made up names.

Write down any suspicious names/numbers.

Check Text Messages – Although most cheaters are smart enough to delete any incriminating text messages, it’s still worth investigating.

If it’s possible, try and get access to any deleted texts on your spouse’s cell phone. You can check Google to see if it’s possible with the phone your spouse has.

Listen in on Phone Calls – Do you want to record one of those secret conversations that your husband or wife has behind your back? Has your spouse ever left the room to take a call without explaining why?

You’d be surprised at how much information you can dig up with a tape recorder and a little creative thinking.

For example: if your spouse has a ‘spot’ that they go to talk on the phone, simple hide a running tape recorder somewhere in the room. Tape recorders with 5 hour tapes run for around 10 or 15 bucks, so it’s a really small investment for the amount of proof you can dig up.

I’ll talk more about how to catch a cheating spouse using a tape recorder to get proof later.

Cell Phone GPS Tracking – If you’ve spent any time at all on, then you probably know what a huge advocate I am of spouse tracking. It’s my belief that if you’re being cheated on, then you deserve to find out by any means necessary.

One of those ‘means necessary’ is Mobile Phone tracking. My preferred program is SpyBubble, but of course you can choose whatever suits you best. Using this program totally eliminates the need to learn how to catch a cheating spouse!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Read All Text Messages, Sent or Received or Deleted
  • Freely Look Through Your Cheating Spouse’s Contacts
  • Always Know their Exact Location 24/7 with GPS Tracking
  • See Who they Call and For How Long
  • Access Tracking Data Remotely from Any Computer w/ Internet
  • 100% Undetectable By Your Unfaithful Spouse
  • Read More => Top 4 Spouse Tracking Technologies of 2012

If you’re interested in hijacking your spouse’s cell phone to get proof of infidelity, then you should really consider this option as a cheap and easy way to get quick evidence.

Believe it or not, most suspicious spouses who install SpyBubble phone tracking find out the truth within 48 hours.

Who needs a Private Investigator when you’ve got mobile phone tracking?

Discover Financial Evidence of a Cheating Spouse

There’s one thing that every affair has in common:


Some of the biggest signs of a cheating spouse that you can find are the financial ones, simply because for your husband or wife to meet with another person will cost money.How to Catch Cheating

If nothing else, having an affair will cost gas money (but more on that later).

Look for Incriminating Receipts – A really good way to find proof of your partner going behind your back is to look for receipts in your spouse’s pockets or wallet. You could even go so far as to check their car for evidence.

Check Bank/Credit Card Statements (if possible) – Do you and your spouse have a shared bank account? Otherwise you might have to get a bit creative. Either way, getting access to your spouse’s credit card or bank statements is one of the easiest and most pain-free ways of finding out about cheating.

For each transaction take note of the date, amount of money spent, and where the money was spent at. It’s also a good idea to take note of any excuses your spouse gives you for spending money.

If your spouse is meeting with their lover anywhere but the back of a car or at your own house, then there’s bound to be some financial proof that he or she is going behind your back.

How to Catch Infidelity in Your Spouse’s Car

What if your spouse has invited another man or woman into his or her car? Wouldn’t you like to know about it? If you’re needing to find out how to catch a cheating wife, or how to catch your cheating husband, then the most regular vehicle that they use could potentially be one of the best places to look.

In fact, chances are that your spouse has cheated on you IN their car. But don’t worry, we’re going to find out about it. The key to getting evidence from an automobile is to be consistent about checking it.

Check the Car ASAP When He/She Gets Home – If you’re serious about finding signs of an affair, then you’ll want to make it a point to pay a visit to their car as soon as they get home.

Check All the Suspicious Places – Here are a few of the most common places to find telltale signs of cheating:

  • In the glove box
  • Under the seats
  • In the back seat
  • In the trunk

Keep Track of Mileage – If your spouse is NOT cheating on you, then they should have a pretty consistent mileage day to day. Maybe 5 extra miles here and there for getting gas or going to the grocery store, but not much more than that.

However, if your spouse is cheating on you, then chances are good that they’ll be driving quite a bit more than normal on the days that they have meetings with their lover.

If you can do it inconspicuously, then what you’re going to do is start writing down your spouse’s mileage every day (if possible). That way you’ll see any spikes in mileage, which could point to infidelity.

Use a Tape Recorder (again) – If you’re pretty sure that your spouse is having another man or woman in their car, then you can get sure fire proof of it really easily, under the right circumstances.

What you’ll need to do is find a really inconspicuous place to hide the tape recorder, and then just keep it running in the car. Securing the recorder underneath a car seat is one of the best places to hide it.

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You

Use a Hidden Camera – Okay, I’ll admit that this is a little bit extreme, but a hidden camera is one of the best ways to get proof of cheating quickly and easily.

All you have to do is set up the camera inside your spouse’s car, and even if you don’t actually see anything, you’ll at least be able to see where your cheating husband or wife is going and who they’re meeting.

You can also use a GPS tracking device, but if you’re doing that then why not just look into Cell Phone GPS tracking?

Do You Suspect a Work Affair?

As I’m sure you know, some of the biggest signs of infidelity can be found in the workplace. Affairs of all shapes and sizes take place at work, so this could definitely be the best way to catch a cheating spouse if you’re partner spends a lot of time at work!

Call During Lunch – Even though it’s a huge stereotype, lunch IS one of the most common times for a cheater to meet with their lover.

If you call during lunch and your husband or wife’s phone is turned off, or there’s no answer, then that’s something to watch out for. If it’s a recurring problem, then that’s almost certainly incriminating.

Use Cell Phone GPS Tracking – I know that I already talked about it, but this is really one of the best ways of getting proof of cheating.

Simply install the Mobile Phone tracking program on their cell phone and you’ll instantly know everywhere your spouse goes, everyone your spouse talks to, and everything your spouse does.

I won’t spend too much time talking about it here, though. Just scroll up to see what I had to say.

Do You Have Any Mutual Work Friends? Having a friend that works with your spouse is an invaluable tool to catch a cheating husband or cheating wife.

I don’t think I need to say much here…Just have your friend monitor your husband/wife and report back to you what they find.

Full Guide: How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Learning how to catch cheating doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming…It’s all a matter of how you choose to approach it.

Good Luck Learning How to Catch a Cheating Spouse!

 - Jack R. McLaddel

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