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Why Sharing Secrets is the Worst Sign of Emotional Cheating

Every relationship on this planet is based on trust. If you do not trust someone then you would not share intimate information with him/her.

For instance you would not share horrific past events with a complete stranger, mainly because you don’t trust the person.

You are supposed to be a “partner” and should share personal information with each other. You work together as a team and rely on each other’s discretion. When your husband or wife shares “personal and sensitive information” with a friend, you may have to keep your eyes and ears open for an emotional affair.

What Constitutes ‘Sensitive Information’

Anything you would not like the rest of the world to know about would be considered “sensitive information”. Think about things that only your partner would know of you, things the rest of the world have no idea of.

This could include:

  • Fears
  • Dreams
  • Quirks
  • Worries
  • Etc

Anything that you think should not be said aloud in public could be considered as sensitive information and should be respected by your partner.

Sharing Information and Breaking Trust

It’s not just about sharing information; it’s everything to do with trust. When you reveal personal things about yourself to another person, you make yourself vulnerable to them. When they share it; they take advantage of your vulnerability and violate your trust.

You shouldn’t have to say “don’t tell this to anyone”; they should know it and know you. If they do share this personal information with anyone else, how would you trust him/her with anything else?

And when trust decays, the relationship begins to crumble at its foundations.

In Other Words, Sharing Means Caring

In order to build trust in a relationship you need to share. When you first met your partner, you didn’t tell them everything about yourself; your flaws, your fears and so forth.

Why is that?

It is because when you share this intimate information you open yourself up to him or her. Youreveal the “soft spots” in your being, and become truly vulnerable to them.

Why is your husband or wife sharing so much intimate information with “someone they aren’t intimate with?” That duty or task should be left to you, and not the “outsider!” If you suspect that intimate information is being told to other people, you may have an emotional affair on your hands.

Don’t confuse this with someone “seeking advice” from someone else. At times people will share “family secrets” with other people they think they trust, in order to do the best to help you. Yet there is a fine line between how much you can share and how much is top secret.

Be sure to keep that line sacred in your relationship and you shouldn’t have any problems of falling victim to an emotional affair. Yet if you suspect that your partner is sharing things he or she shouldn’t, then talk to them first.

If it still continues, then you have reason to suspect that your partner might be emotionally unfaithful, and that is a serious offense.

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