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My Wife Cheated and I Can't Even Look Her in the Eyes

“My wife cheated” – Finding out that your wife has been sleeping with another man can be one of the most traumatizing experiences…Ever!

Everything you thought you knew about your marriage is in ruins because your wife brought in another man.My Wife Cheated

She might claim that it’s only been a couple months (or weeks, or however long), but how can you REALLY trust her after what she’s done? I mean, how can you really trust anything she says now?

Many men react by telling their cheating wives that they want a divorce…However, I think you know deep down that there has to be an alternative solution.

But I’ll warn you right now, if there is one it’s going to take some time and work to get there. However, I can promise you that if you follow through on the advice I give in this article, that you’ll soon find your marriage and your wife back to normal. You won’t even THINK about her infidelity.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

My Wife Cheated
and You Have Pictures Playing
Over and Over in Your Head

This can be one of the most devastating symptoms of finding out that the woman you always thought you loved has actually been cheating on you behind your back…You’ll begin to re imagine what the affair was like for her, over and over again in your brain. When my wife cheated, this is what I struggled with the most.

Seems like every time you close your eyes you can your wife cheating with him, and it drives you absolutely CRAZY knowing that she’s been unfaithful.

Once the images start you become so filled with emotion that rational thought becomes impossible. If you’re like most men where the day they “caught my wife cheating” seems like yesterday, you then feel jealous, powerless, furious and sexually confused all at the same time.

So what can you do to keep those terrible images from replaying over and over again in your mind? How can you deal with the pain?

My Wife Cheated – Compare the Affair to a Death in the Family

Okay, now I know that this sounds perhaps a little harsh, but just bear with me hypothetically for a moment…

You know how when someone close to you dies, much of your grief and emotional How to Forgive an Affairconfusion stems from what you perceive as the loss of future memories together? You picture yourself with that loved one, and you imagine all the things that you hadn’t done yet. And then BAM! ‘My wife cheated and my heart stopped’ is the most common reaction, because many men really just don’t see it coming. Suddenly all of those future memories of a ‘pure’ marriage are shattered.

It’s similar when learning how to forgive an affair. When you start out you’ll become extremely emotional at the slightest THOUGHT of your wife. Even seeing her name, or an article of her clothing, will be enough to send you into a fit of emotional turbulence that puts Hurricane Katrina to the test.

But what you need to remember is that over TIME, you’ll begin to feel these terrible wounds less and less. Over TIME you’ll begin to realize that your wife’s affair CAN be recovered from. You just need to be on the lookout for future signs of a cheating wife

Eventually you’ll come to see that you’re current troubles are temporary, and that in the end either everything will work out or it won’t. There are only two options when you’re in the ‘my wife cheated’ situation.

Either Your Marriage Will Be Saved
Or it Won’t

This is the eventual choice that only you can make. If you don’t make it, then your wife will, and since she’s the one who cheated I think it should be your turn to make a big decision.

Do you want to get your wife back even though she cheated? Are you willing to put in the work necessary to rebuild a healthy marriage with the woman you once loved and cherished?

Do you want a marriage where:

  • Your wife both loves and respects you for the man you are?
  • Your kids (if applicable) appreciate you as the man of the house?
  • You don’t have to DREAD coming home every day?
  • How to Save Your Marriage After She Cheated

As you read that report you’ll basically learn how you can rebuild your marriage to become what every man dreams of having. You’ll learn how to get your wife’s respect, and how to make her WANT to be in a long lasting marriage with you.

Whatever you do, good luck!

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