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My Drunk Wife Cheated, What Am I Supposed to Do?

Do you have no idea what to do after your drunk wife cheated on you with another man (or woman)?

Has your wife’s drunken mistake nearly cost you your marriage because you’re struggling to recover from the news of her unfaithfulness?

I know it’s frustrating – YOU are the one that works all day and puts food on the table. You work hard, and you sacrifice much…That’s what husbands are supposed to do, right? And yet, the moment that your wife gets time alone she has an affair supposedly because she was drinking.

Obviously, that’s plenty enough to tear any guy to shreds.

If you’ve been cheated on only one time by your wife, and it was under the influence of alcohol, then the good news for you is that you CAN recover from her mistake. Lots of guys have come back even stronger from this same problem, although you should still do what’s right for you.

However, my guess is that there’s one resounding question echoing through your mind:

”How Do I Know My Wife is Trust Worthy?”

After all, she could just be lying about the drinking part.

Or if she’s not lying about drinking, she could be lying about exactly HOW drunk she was.

Further more, what if she wasn’t even out with the girls? Many women, when backed into a corner, will lie through their teeth to make an affair seem LESS bad. In her mind she knows that a one-time fling while drunk isn’t nearly as bad in your mind as a full blown affair, so that’s what she tells you happened.

Before you can do anything else you should make sure that you really do truly believe your wife’s story about alcohol’s involvement in the affair…If she was lying then that could be all that you need to know. Trust your gut on this, because in the end you know your wife better than anybody else.

One Beer or Five?

When Your Drunk Wife Cheated, Was She Really that Drunk?

Let me ask you this: Your wife comes to you and confesses that she cheated on you because she was absolutely plastered, but later you learn she’d only had one or two beers to drink before cheating on you…

What do you do?

I mean, obviously she wasn’t PLASTERED after so little alcohol…At least not head spinningly, mind alteringly drunk. Do you still forgive her if she was just tipsy instead of full on drunk off her ass?

Many women know that the more drunk they say they were, the less blame will naturally fall on their shoulders. In fact, the same thing is true of men…Everyone knows alcohol can be an excuse for anything, even if that doesn’t make the actual thing they did any better or worse.

So, naturally it makes sense for her to lie about how much she drank. There’s almost no way to find out the truth except take your wife at her word.

If you don’t trust your gut because you’re an emotional wreck that might be a wise idea, then my suggestion is this: Get a hold of one of the people she was drinking with. Perhaps they can confirm what you can’t trust your wife to.

Of course, that’s only if how much she was drinking matters to you for getting over her affair.

Your Drunk Wife Cheated, But…

You Can’t Get Over the Fact That She Slept With Another Man – Period

Unfortunately, there’s just no easy way for you to magically forget what your wife did with another guy. Infidelity is a sad fact of life; I honestly wish that there were some button I could push to erase your memories or imagination, but I just can’t do it.

If your drunk wife cheated and you’re having trouble moving on, here’s my advice:

  • Only ask what questions you REALLY want the answers to.
  • Avoid asking any questions about the actual act of cheating, at least until you’re more prepared for the answers.
  • The only real cure in this situation is to hope that your wife will be there for you and do her part to rebuild your trust.
  • You have to hope that your wife is willing to work even harder than you to come back from her unfaithfulness and rebuild your marriage.

It’s my deepest hope that something in this article struck home with you. I wish you the best of luck getting over the fact that your drunk wife cheated on you.

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Rest assured that ‘time heals all wounds’ and that you CAN continue to have a wonderful, happy marriage in the long term. It will take hard work from both you and your wife, however.

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