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How to Detect a Cheating Wife - Top 5 Signs She's Being Unfaithful

Imagine yourself six months, or even a year from now

Do you want to still be wondering whether or not your wife is being faithful when you’re not watching?

Or would you rather learn how to detect a cheating wife and put an end to your suspicion?

It’s a simple and painful fact that your wife won’t stop cheating until she’s caught. Now I’m not saying for sure one way or the other whether your wife is, in fact, having an affair. What I am saying is that if you’re unsure, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth.

See, your wife’s probably having an affair either way, it’s simply whether you’d rather continue to allow her to cheat, or to go ahead and catch her now and start working on a stronger, healthier marriage.

But I understand that you have no reason to believe me, so here are a few signs of a cheating wife…Follow along and by the end you’ll know the truth about your wife’s infidelity.

One Way to Catch her Cheating…
Has Your Sex Life Changed Recently?

This is one of the most common, and one of the most misunderstood, signs of infidelity.

If your sex life has recently gone from active to inactive, then yes, your wife is probably having an affair. What exactly it means about your wife, however, is not set in stone.

Here are a few reasons your wife might have stopped having sex with you:

  • She’s become emotionally attached to her cheating partner
  • She feels guilty about the affair
  • Your wife no longer feels comfortable giving herself to you

It’s interesting to note that among cheating wives there’s almost always an emotional reason for any irregularity in your sex life.

If you go from having sex with your wife 3 or 4 times a week to once or twice a month, then you should really do some further investigation on your wife’s activities behind your back…She’s probably cheating on you.

Does Your Wife Feel Bad About Cheating?

Having an affair is kind of like a roller coaster ride for the people involved.

Initially, your wife probably feels that cheating on you may be a mistake. She’ll spend the first few encounters wondering whether or not she’s making the right choice by sleeping with another man.How to Catch a Cheating Wife

While your wife is first cheating on you, characteristically there is a short period in which she will actually be MORE attentive, loving and caring to you.

Generally this period will last anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, but it almost always happens at some point or another.

The reason for this short period of sensitivity and tenderness is due to the fact that your wife is ridden with guilt, especially if this is the first time she’s ever cheated.

Your wife feels bad, but not bad enough to end the affair, so she makes up for it to you. It’s an extremely common phenomena.

As You’re Learning
How to Detect a Cheating Wife,
Slowly You’ll See that She’s Trying to
Justify Her Infidelity

That period of time in which your wife was so sweet, loving, tender and gentle?

It doesn’t last forever.

See, eventually your wife will begin to convince herself that there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing.

At first you probably enjoyed your wife’s love and affection, but as the affair goes on she will find a way to put the blame on you, at least in her mind. That way, she can continue to cheat on you, but not feel bad about it! It’s a classic human defense mechanism because it works so well for the cheater. Your wife gets tired of feeling bad about her actions, so she simply justifies it in her head by blaming you.

Important: Justification is a major part of any affair.

The result of this process usually means that there is a LONG period of apathy after the initial ‘guilty period’ of love and caring. If that makes sense. Your wife is basically forcing herself to feel nothing towards you.

Does Your Wife Appreciate Romantic Gestures?

One of the biggest telltale signs that your wife has entered into this 2nd apathetic phase of the affair (see above) is that she will reject any attempts at romance.

For example, you might cook a beautiful 3 course meal. Your wife would arrive home to the surprise romantic dinner, but because she’s having an affair her reaction will be dull and uninterested, like the only thing she’s thinking about is getting out of the house and to her lover.

Here are some more examples of typical ‘cheating wife’ behavior:

  • You buy her flowers, she seems uninterested or doesn’t water them
  • You take her out to dinner and a movie for a romantic date night, she goes straight to bed when you get home
  • You try and ask her about her day and she’s unresponsive (continued pattern)
  • You offer to cook her dinner and she asks for take out instead

If your wife is going behind your back, you’re virtually guaranteed to see her go through this How to Detect a Cheating Wifephase of apathy in which no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get her to seem like she really loves you. This is especially true if she’s going through an emotional affair (What is it?)

The phrase “Actions speak louder than words” is also appropriate to mention here. If your spouse or partner is in this phase of not caring about your marriage, chances are that they won’t ever actually admit to it. Therefore, your wife might SAY that she’s in love, and that she appreciates the things you’re doing for her. The truth will come from her actions.

Does she really seem like she’s enjoying your company? Or does she seem like she’s faking it, trying to pass the time by until she can leave behind your back once again.

Is she totally focused on you? Or is she looking at her cell phone any time that she’s at home.

Does She Seem Easily Irritable Around You?

As I’m sure you can guess, apathy eventually turns into irritability. Your wife will eventually totally give up on saving your marriage, or whatever’s left of it anyways. It’s at this phase that your wife will go from being merely “Apathetic” (not caring) to just plain mean.

She’s sick and tired of the marriage. She thinks that she’s found something better. She’s ready for something new.

She doesn’t even try to save your marriage. In fact, in her mind she’s done trying to save the marriage.

Here are some reasons your wife might be irritable because of the affair:

  • She’s convinced herself that you mistreat her
  • Your wife wants out of the marriage but doesn’t want to tell you
  • Her lover convinced her to be upset about something
  • She’s angry at herself for having the affair

It’s at this phase that you need to be most careful. Your wife has officially become independent of you, and believe me when I say you’ll know when this happens. Your wife will go from just ‘not caring’ to actively being venomous and mean towards you.

If your wife has this mind set, then you’re virtually guaranteed that she’s having an affair. If you notice that your wife seems to fit this description pretty well, then it might be time to catch your cheating spouse so you can (hopefully) deny this suspicion.

How Can You Be Sure Your Wife’s Cheating?How to Detect a Cheating Wife

Are you really and truly suspicious that your wife is cheating?

If so, then I think that we both know what your only option is:

You have to get proof of the affair. You have to find cold, hard evidence that will point a guilty finger at your wife. You have to make sure that she has no way out…Build a WALL of solid, undeniable proof around your wife.

That should be your goal.

The real question is, how can you possibly be sure what your wife is doing?

What if REAL Proof Didn’t Have to be Hard to Get?

Here Are 2 Easy Ways to Get the Truth

You have a couple options when it comes to getting proof of your wife’s affair:

If you’re really serious about taking matters into your own hands, then I highly suggest looking into cell phone tracking as a method of getting proof of your wife’s infidelity.

Listen, all cheaters use their cell phones to communicate with, right? I mean, if you were having an affair, you’d probably be using your cell phone quite a bit, right? My guess is that your wife REALLY doesn’t want you to get a look at her cell phone, especially if she’s cheating.

So what are we going to do?

Why, install a cell phone tracking program that’ll give you unlimited access to your wife’s phone without her knowledge, of course!

With cell phone tracking you:

  • Can read all your wife’s texts
  • Can listen to all your wife’s phone calls
  • Can track your wife’s exact location with GPS
  • Can look through your wife’s contacts at your own leisure
  • Learn More about Cell Phone GPS Tracking

Pretty crazy, right?

Do You Want to Spy On Your Wife?

Alternatively, if you’re not really in the mood to break into your wife’s cell phone just to prove a little suspicion of yours, then there are other options out there.Cheating Wife

Listen, no matter how you spin it you shouldn’t have to wonder about your wife’s fidelity any longer. You deserve the truth. That’s why if you click below you can learn exactly how to catch your wife, and how to do it easily.

This is a direct, to-the-point road map of how to catch her cheating:

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How to Catch Your Cheating Wife

This is the easiest and simplest way I know to get undeniable proof of your wife’s affair…You’ll literally have the entire process practically done for you.

Thanks for reading! Whatever you do, feel free to browse around some more.

- Jack R. McLaddel

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