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101 Signs of Cheating to Confirm Your Suspicions

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair behind your back?

Do you want to know how you can tell whether or not your husband or wife is being unfaithful?

This entire website is dedicated to helping you do exactly that, and to prove it, here are 101 signs of cheating that you can use to catch them red handed.

Before we begin I’d like to share a quote with you that I’d really like you to chew on:

“Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love; it is the faithful who know love’s tragedies.”
- Oscar Wilde

One quick note: Throughout this article, I will give a few examples of specific things your cheating husband or unfaithful wife might do. I want to make it perfectly clear that almost all infidelity signs apply equally to both genders; I’ll say otherwise when a sign is more prominent in one gender than the other.

Alright, without further adieu, I’d like to present to you:

101 Signs of Cheating

101 Signs of Cheating1. You find someone else’s hair in a place that it really doesn’t belong. For example, you’re vacuuming your carpet and find a long dark hair when you and your spouse are both blonde.

2. You find a receipt to a restaurant that you’ve never been to in their wallet.

3. Asks you ”Do you believe that it’s possible to love more than one person at a time?”, or something along those lines.

4. Suddenly has a desire to go out and buy a brand new wardrobe; a desire to improve one’s appearance is one of the biggest warning signs of an affair. Many cheating spouses like to look brand new for a new man or woman.

5. Suddenly cherishes their alone time a lot more than they used to. For example, you and your wife normally watch TV every night before bed, but one night she wants to read alone.

6. Your spouse wants to try new things in your sex life. They may or may not give a good reason for it. This alone isn’t necessarily incriminating of course (most of these signs aren’t, after all), but it should strengthen any existing suspicions.

7. Beware if your spouse ever accuses you of being unfaithful. It’s a proven psychological fact that guilt and paranoia go hand in hand.

In other words, if your wife or husband asks you if you’re cheating, then chances are they’ve cheated on you. The more aggressive about it they are, the worst.

8. Have you ever found any gaps in your Internet browsing history? If you KNOW that your spouse was online during the gap, then you should question what exactly they may have been doing.

9. Has your spouse been recently seeming to pull away from you emotionally? Emotional distance is one of the prime indicators that an affair is either developing or already taking place.

10. Suddenly the gym is a top priority. Be on the lookout for your wife/husband to have a new burning desire to lose weight or build muscle.

101 Signs of Cheating (#11) -

Another one of the best signs of a cheating spouse is the behavior of your mutual friends.

For example, if your husband’s buddies suddenly hesitate to look you in the eye, or you notice that conversation dims when you enter the room, then he may be committing infidelity.

12. Okay, this one isn’t really a sign, but it’s important anyways.

Remember that cheating in a relationship can ALWAYS be discovered. Your spouse is messing up and leaving behind evidence, but you just don’t know where it is yet. There has never been a 100% perfectly secret affair.

13. This one is a little bit more geared for the suspicious husbands out there…Keep in mind that an unfaithful wife is more likely to be emotionally involved with their cheating partner than men. Be on extra alert for suspicious emotional signs.

14. Is your wife or husband keeping social events from you? Keep your eyes and ears open for any word of social gatherings that your spouse may be lying to you about. They may be planning to meet their lover at this party/event!

15. Have you been hearing more and more about only the weaknesses in you and your spouse’s marriage?

If you’ve been noticing that you and your spouse have been talking a lot about some of the problems and bad parts of the marriage lately, then it’s probably because they’ve been spending time thinking about problems so much.

16. Have you noticed any odd bills on your credit card statements?

17. Another closely related sign is that your wife or husband will start to have trouble making monthly payments on your bills. Financial irresponsibility of any kind should be carefully noted.

18. Do you notice that you’re always stepping on egg shells around your wife? Maybe your husband is constantly putting you on the defensive, seemingly every day giving you a new reason you’ve been irritating?

19. Remember that you can find a lot of clues on the phone. For example, have you ever noticed that your partner has a tendency to randomly take calls in the other room?

How to Forgive an Affair20. Perhaps you’ve even gone so far as to check your spouse’s phone, but low and behold the phone records have been deleted! If you KNOW that the phone was in use and yet there’s no record on the phone (therefore proving it was deleted), then you should be really suspicious.

21. Another sign of cheating that’s related to the cell phone would be if you find texts from a friend that you either didn’t know they had OR that’s from someone of the opposite gender.

22. Hey, I’m on a roll here with these phone signs!

Check the contacts on their cell phone…A big sign of something fishy going on behind your back is if you come to learn that one of the numbers listed in your husband or wife’s phone is actually a fake name (hint: A reverse phone look up is a great way to find out more).

23. Obviously if your spouse is suddenly spending lots of time on their cell phones for un-explainable reasons, then that’s something to be aware of.

24. Maybe the only way that you notice a high amount of phone usage is from an excruciatingly high phone bill. If you’re suddenly paying double on your monthly bill, then you should question where that extra billing is coming from.

25. Any defensive behavior when you question what they’re doing on the phone is definitely incriminating.

Congratulations! Your 25% of the way through all 101 signs of cheating!

Here’s quote for you to celebrate:

“People who are so dreadfully “devoted” to their wives are so apt, from mere habit, to get devoted to other people’s wives as well.”
- Jane Welsh Carlyle

26. The point of all of these signs is that you should be aware of the cell phone’s role in anyone’s affair.

If you ever get a gut feeling for any reason from something your spouse does on their phone, then you should immediately make an effort to record all suspicious signs you discover.

27. Finally breaking away from phone-related signs…If you notice that your spouse keeps an extra change of clothes in his or her car, then that’s definitely something to be suspicious of.

28. Since ‘evidence’ often makes its way onto clothes, if your spouse is all of a sudden ready to participate in laundry, or frequently does laundry, then ask yourself what they could be hiding.

29. Many times you can pick up on signs with your nose…If you notice that your husband doesn’t smell at all like he just came from the gym, for instance, then where could he really have gone?

If your spouse ever smells like an unfamiliar scent, beware what they’re REALLY doing.

30. When was the last time you had a really important and meaningful conversation with your wife or husband, only to find out that they forgot everything you said to them (because they don’t really care).

31. You find out that they’ve been hiding a FaceBook account from you.

32. Does your spouse list their marital status as single? If you combine the last two tips (find a hidden account with ‘single’ status) then you’re guaranteed that there’s an affair.

33. How often does your marital partner go out of town? Many times an affair can happen ‘in the moment’. In other words, a traveling spouse is more at risk then others.

34. Sort of the reverse of the last one, if you notice that your spouse is urging you to take a ‘relaxing trip to your parents’ or something of that nature, then ask yourself what they could want you out of town for.

35. How does your spouse behave around your kids (if applicable)? If they’ve been acting oddly, you should be concerned.

36. A good general tip: Be very careful and suspicious of ANY erratic behavior of any kind. Basically, any cheater is bound to want to change things in their life.

Since they’re probably struggling to find their identity, and because of that they’re bound to make big changes.

37. One example of a really big change you may notice: Your wife or husband suddenly questions their previous religious belief.

38. Unexplainably finds a reason to lend money to a ‘close friend’. Beware that they’re just using it as an excuse to hide any expenses you’re not supposed to know about. Remember that one of the key principals to learning how to catch cheating is to be able to judge when your spouse is lying about finances.

39. For the 39th of 101 signs of cheating, I’d like to ask you a simple question:

Does your wife constantly seem to be distracted?

Maybe you’ve noticed that your husband is in a state of day dreaming ALL the time? He won’t pay attention to your concerns, or he’ll just space out when you’re talking to him, for example.

If you’ve ever noticed this, watch out!

CATCH Affair Action Plan40. Do you notice that your wife or husband is suddenly talking about their problems to a close friend or coworker, but not you?

41. The truth about deception is that if you can figure out how they’re communicating, you can find out just about everything else there is to know.

42. Has your husband ever complained that he feels as if he’s losing his manhood? Any feelings of lost identity typically go hand in hand with a guilty conscience, as I sort of stated earlier.

43. How does your spouse view infidelity? Have you ever asked them about it? If they seem to empathize with cheaters, then they might be less than trustworthy.

44. Have you found receipts from someone else’s credit cards in your spouse’s car or pockets?

45. Similarly, you may have noticed things like movie tickets, bank receipts, sandwich wrappers, gift receipts, empty boxes…Anything like that can all tip you off to suspicious activity.

46. You should be on particular lookout for any condoms or condom wrappers that might be lying about.

47. If you ever take the time to do this it can really help tip you off to what your spouse is doing during their work: Take note of what clothes they’re wearing before and after work. If they change then they better have a really good reason for it.

48. Have you found any lipstick on his collar (or other places)?

49. When was the last time you got a call at your house, and the caller hung up before saying anything? It could be an emotionally attached cheating partner calling at an inappropriate time!

50. Similarly, if you notice weird late night calls start to occur with disturbing frequency, then that definitely qualifies for the 101 signs of cheating.

In celebration of making it half way through the 101 signs of cheating, here’s another quote for you:

“If being ‘Perfect’ is the only way to prevent infidelity, then I say let them cheat…I’d rather part ways now rather than later. Perfection is an impossible state of being.”
- unknown

51. If your spouse always arrives later than they should, and are obviously lying about where they were, you should really do your best to dig deeper.

52. Are they really defensive about their stuff? If you’ve gotten snapped at sometime recently for ‘being too nosy’, then the truth of it is that you were probably getting too close to a secret affair.

53. Always trust your gut feeling.

54. Have you found a prepaid phone that you didn’t know about in your spouse’s possession? This could explain why you were unable to see any call records or texts.

55. Do they have a sudden desire for financial independence? Many cheating spouses will try and cover their tracks in advance by asking for a new independent checking account for their own personal use.

56. Have you been finding yourself alone more and more because your husband or wife is working ‘over time’ more and more?

57. Think about what you would do if you were cheating…As soon as you arrived home from meeting an extramarital companion you would want to get any evidence off your body, right? So you’d take a shower!

If your spouse is taking a shower everyday right when they get home then it could mean they have good hygiene, or it could mean they’re sleeping with someone behind your back.

58. Have you ever caught your cheating boyfriend or cheating girlfriend (or wife or husband) in a white lie? Even the smallest of lies can mean something fishy is going on.

59. Does it ever seem like your spouse is going out of their way to push you away?

Remember how I said that emotional and physical distance are often symptoms of cheating? Well, it follows that when you’re being pushed away, you could definitely be experiencing this distance.

How to Catch Cheating60. The most common excuse for suspicious behavior is stress. Beware when your husband or wife passes off accusations with this excuse.

61. Making contact with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is a virtual proof of infidelity. Especially if its out of the blue. They’d better have a really good reason for contact of this kind.

62. Has your spouse ever gotten their facts mixed up? For instance, before they go to work they tell you that they’ll be going to a party after work, then later when they get home you hear they just got back from going clubbing.

63. If you’re forbidden to look inside your spouse’s wallet or purse, then that should probably prompt you to do some snooping. Especially if its out of the blue…

For instance if one day your wife suddenly told you not to go through her purse because it’s annoying, that should raise some red flags.

64. Has your spouse ever accidentally called you by a different name? Have they ever called you by an ex’s name? It could mean that they’ve been spending a lot of time with their old relationship.

65. Similarly, if you randomly hear your cheating wife or unfaithful husband call you by a pet name that you’ve never heard before, you should definitely be asking yourself where they got it from.

66. Does your wife suddenly have an interest in sports that she’s never had before? It’s probably because of a new romance in her life.

67. Has your spouse ever asked you either of these questions?

“Do you REALLY love me?”


“How do you KNOW that you really love me?”

The type of affair your spouse is having makes a big difference when you’re learning how to forgive an affair (if you think you ever will want to). If your spouse premeditates cheating, then it’s a lot harder to forgive.

68. You’re snooping around and find out that your husband is keeping a tooth brush and tooth paste in his car. Or perhaps you find out that your wife is keeping mouthwash in her purse.

69. Has your spouse EVER deleted a number from the caller ID? If you were even remotely suspicious at the time, then I’m sorry to say that things don’t look good.

70. Ask your spouse what they think about a famous celebrity’s affair. For instance, you could ask your wife what she thinks about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife. If your spouse is being unfaithful, then they’re sure to defend such actions.

71. One of the most harmful warning signs of an affair is if your husband or wife begins smoking (or quits, I suppose).

With something like smoking, only someone they really care about could hold such an influence over them.

72. You look on your Internet history and see that your spouse has been spending a lot of time looking at other men/women’s FaceBook profile. Or perhaps you see that they’ve been hanging around the CraigsList Personals when you weren’t looking.

73. You come home from work and notice that the bed spread is not the way that you left it (and no one else was home…).

74. Actually, more affairs than you realize will take place within the confines of your own home. Constantly keep your eyes, ears and nose open for signs that could alert you to infidelity. If you take nothing else away from these 101 signs of cheating, take this.

Look for hairs, strange smells, or out of place furniture in both the bedroom AND the bathroom. These are the 2 most common places for your spouse’s cheating lover to go.

75. How did your last wedding anniversary go? Did your spouse buy you something nice or did you not have a good anniversary at all?

This is the guiltiest time of the year for an unfaithful spouse.

Here’s another quote for you:

“It is the fear of middle-age in the young, of old-age in the middle-aged, which is the prime cause of infidelity, that infallible rejuvenator”
- Cyril Connolly

76. Your husband or wife starts to keep a change of clothes in the car at all times, but tells you that it’s for the gym. (hint: the nicer the clothes, the higher the chance that they’re lying)

77. Does it seem like dishes are starting to pile up? Maybe your spouse normally makes the bed in the morning, but has started to miss it every couple days.

Generally a cheating spouse will start to slack off on household chores, simply because they no longer see the point of that sort of upkeep. To them it’s like putting work into a dead relationship, even though it’s just your home.

78. Has your husband ever bought you chocolates or jewelry for NO reason? The next time your husband surprises you with flowers, you should beware that gift giving is a warning sign of a guilty conscience.

79. While you and your spouse are having sex you notice that they always keep their eyes closed. Or perhaps when you kiss and be intimate you just don’t feel the connection anymore…And you know it’s not because of you!

Signs of Cheating80. A HUGE tip off to a developing emotional affair will be if your husband or wife starts to talk more and more about an opposite sex coworker.

Since most emotional affairs start out innocently, it’s very likely that you’ve already heard about the person they’re cheating with.

81. Your spouse refuses to go to marriage counseling, but won’t tell you why.

82. Okay, this one is NOT written in stone, but I thought I’d share it anyways since it’s sort of interesting…

Did you know that most cheating men and women will show an increase in the intake of alcohol? In other words, during an affair most people will want to drink more.

If you notice that your husband or wife is always hankerin’ for a drank, watch out! All it takes is one of these 101 signs of cheating to tip you off.

83. Have you ever planned out a big romantic evening for the two of you, only to have your spouse bail on you for a trivial reason

“Oh I can’t have this beautiful dinner with you, I was just about to go back to work!” Yea right. Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!

84. Many women go through a period of increased sexual arousal sometime in their thirties, and oftentimes an affair can be the trigger for this rise in libido. Therefore, if you notice that your wife is suddenly wanting sex all day every day…Chances are she’s getting something on the side.

85. Do you have kids? Try suggesting that you install tracking software on your computer to try and protect your children from the internet. A cheating spouse will vehemently oppose the idea, even if they give a totally unrelated reason for it.

86. Starts listening to new music, but doesn’t tell you why or where they heard it.

87. Does it ever seem like your busy spouse is deliberately TRYing to make it hard to spend time together? If you ever get that feeling, you’re probably more right than you realize.

88. Let me ask you this: Do you ever think you notice that your spouse is suddenly seeming a lot more outgoing? Affairs change people, and if your wife or husband is committing infidelity then you’ll be able to see it in their personality.

89. Another example of a personality trait common in cheaters…Your husband or wife will be much worse at making plans.

They won’t ever want to commit to anything with you, because they want to have the option open to make up an excuse to meet their lover.

90. You look inside your purse, wallet, car, bedroom…Anything like that…And you realize that your spouse has been snooping through your things.

They’re either trying to hide something from you or they suspect you of cheating. Either one is a huge warning sign of an affair.

91. Most people still have a home phone…If your wife/husband seems to ALWAYS be the one answering the phone, then it’s probably because they don’t want you to answer a call meant for them, if you know what I mean!

92. This isn’t an actual sign of cheating, however, if you ever notice that your spouse seems depressed or sad all the time, then it’s likely that they’re considering cheating.

They might not have actually come to the point of infidelity yet, but they’re thinking about it, and they’re sad because of it. The most powerful of these 101 signs of cheating are the ones that depend on your spouse’s emotional turbulence, because that’s the most reliable part of an affair.

93. Does it ever seem like your spouse is trying TOO hard to be affectionate and ‘normal’? Sometimes you need to take a break from the more traditional tips listed in thee 101 signs of cheating and start thinking like a cheater.

What would you do if you were cheating? Many guilt-free unfaithful men and women will think that you won’t suspect a thing as long as they shower you with appreciation.

The sad part is that most of the time they’re right.

94. Have you EVER caught your spouse not wearing their wedding ring?

95. Has your wife started reading issues of Cosmo or some other similar ‘women’s porn mag’? You know the ones I’m talking about…Every cover has something along the lines of:

“Learn How to Blow Your Man’s Mind With Your Mouth!”

“101 Sex Tips that Will Leave You Both Screaming and Tearing at the Bed Sheets!”

Fun Fact: Okay this isn’t part of the 101 signs of cheating, but I still wanted to share this: I view magazines like Cosmo the same way that I do PlayBoy and Maxim. It’s just sexuality being sold to women instead of men.

96. Have you ever offered to pick your husband or wife up from a business trip at the air port or bus station, only to be turned down?

It could be because they’ll be arriving with a lover, and they don’t want you to see! It’s recommended that you always go check it out anyways.

97. Check your spouse’s key chain…If you find an unfamiliar house key or car key, then it probably belongs to their affair partner.

98. Mutual friends can tell you a lot about whether your marital partner is being faithful to you. Any odd behavior or awkward glances probably mean something is going on behind your back.

99. Not that I ever believe it’s right to stop someone from making new friends, but if you notice that your spouse suddenly has a LOT more friends, then it could be because they’ve met someone new.

100. If you can, it’s a good idea to try and get a peek at your spouse’s pay stubs. If you’ve been hearing non stop about how much overtime your spouse is working, but then look at their pay check and see they’re only working normal hours…

Well, I’m sure you can put 2 and 2 together.

101. You find a ‘secret gift’ but don’t tell your spouse about it. When your birthday or Christmas (or whatever) rolls around, you never see the present you found.

Chances are the ‘secret gift’ was only secret because it wasn’t meant for you!

Alright! Well that’s all 101 signs of cheating, as promised. Afterall, I think that 101 signs of cheating is more than enough to give you a distinct advantage over your possibly cheating spouse. However, as I said at the beginning we have a multitude of articles on, all dedicated to helping you through this affair. Feel free to use ALL of them ;)

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I’d like to leave you with another quote, if I may:

“We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love…First to their advantage, then to their disadvantage.”
Albert Camus

I hope you enjoyed these 101 signs of cheating!

 - Jack R. McLaddel

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